• Size 473ml
  • ABV 8.1%
  • Style DIPA
  • Country of Origins USA
  • Canning Date Canned: 17/03/2024
    BB 17/03/2025
    Cold Shipped
  • Deposit Fee YES (included in total)
    BEER €8.85 + DRSI €0.15

dC/dt is the most technologically advanced DIPA we’ve made to date. It utilizes new hardware in unique ways to bring you a beer that’s on the same level as SOTL and Adrestia. Introducing Mass Fluxes into a Control Volume leads to a change in concentration over a change in time or dC/dt, which allows for the construction of a predictive juice model. The gold line on the label is the actual calibrated mathematical model of the EQ juice compared to data in “Relative Yuminess Units” provided by the expert palates of Ryan and OG Kyle. To test the insight gained by this model, which suggested new hardware, we supersized an old favorite: Fractal Citra. The ingredients: Pale Malt + Citra. This DIPA underwent our fractal fermentation (the backbone of dHop5) and received large doses of citra hops in this brand new process. dC/dt pours a hazy straw yellow and has aromas of freshly squeezed OJ, melon, lime, grapefruit, and a tropical character that gives you a vacation in a glass. The flavor is bright tropical orange juice, mango smoothie, dank grass, with a gummy resinous character of that melon thing that dances on the pallet, all balanced by a soft bitterness to keep it refreshing sip after-sip.


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