Hop Hooligans

Mass Production

  • Size 500ml
  • ABV 6%
  • Style DDH NEIPA
  • Country of Origins Romania
  • Canning Date Coming Soon!
Water, Malted Barley, Malted Wheat, Oats, Hops (Strata, Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin), Yeast (London Ale III)

Cogs in the machine. A dime a dozen. Pfff, but that's not you.

Your own personal assembly line has customization options.

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Or grab those pink-rimmed funny fake glasses, you can live without proper vision for a day. At least that's how you'll show them all what a party animal you are.

Maybe invest in a wicked, tropical- themed tie to show the other pencil pushers that you love vacations. At least, you used to love them, right?

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