Night Shift (2021)

  • Size 330ml
  • ABV 14%
  • Style Baltic Porter
  • Country of Origins Hungary
  • Canning Date BB 30/12/26

One would surely wonder why this bottle of beer is more special than any other craft beer on the market. The short answer is that this beer is the fruit of 12 months of hard work and painful waiting. The contents of this box have fermented for 2 months in stainless steel tanks, spent 8 months in freshly emptied barrels and another 2 months in bottles in a cold storage room for perfect roundness. 

Due to its high alcohol content we recommend this beer to be enjoyed on special occasions or in small groups.

Why is this batch special?

This bottle contains a 14% ABV Double Baltic Porter brewed with 8 types of malts, 7 hours of boil time, and 2 months of fermenting to prepare it for a long journey in freshly emptied Bourbon Barrels. These barrels give this thick, dark, black beer rich notes of Vanilla and Bourbon, resulting in a complex flavour combination which we gladly recommend for every beer lover!

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