Mad Scientist

Dovahkiin (2022)

  • Size 500ml
  • ABV 12.9%
  • Style BA Imperial Stout
  • Country of Origins Hungary
  • Canning Date BB 14/04/2047
Islay Whisky Barrel-aged Smoky Imperial Milk Stout With Habanero Chillies

As a dragon shout, this monstrous release arrives with smoke and fire and leaves no tastebuds untouched. When we brewed this beer almost 2 years ago we had a clear concept to make something like a chocolate-smoke-chili cream liquor so we used tons of lactose, got the smokiest barrel we could and used Habanero chilies to add some heat and more smoke. If you like to compare beers, taste it along with the Asleep in the Deep, it has the same base but the additions and barrels make 2 whole different worlds. But beware, don't take too much fire damage!
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