Craftvent Calendar

Rollin' Santa: Craftvent Calendar

  • Size 24 beers
  • ABV Pre-Order
  • Style Wrapped surprise

This box is rollin' towards Christmas, and you'll be rockin' the beer tunes hidden inside!

Feeling adventurous? Would you like to spend your final Christmas countdown up-to-date on what's new on the scene? Do you enjoy exploring the endless beauty of the craft beer around the world? 

If your answer is yes to all - this pack is a no-brainer choice for you. Stay in tune with the latest beer trends and don't forget to pick up your craftvent box in time. 

We won't spoil any surprise and will not reveal the content of the boxes in advance. So you are safe to look at our social media!

1. Pre-order your box. 
2. Get excited but be patient - the box will be with you just in time before the 1st of December kicks in. 
3. Open the box every morning and select the date & can matching number.
4. Hide your treat in the fridge to have it ready for later. 
4. Get through your day.
5. Unwrap your gift of the day, treat yourself and enjoy! 

Variety of Irish & International beers - packed with a hefty amount of delicious limited editions from all around the world. 

*Shipping from the week starting 28/11/2022

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