Badlands Brewing

Behind The Mask (2023)

  • Size 473ml
  • ABV 8.2%
  • Style DIPA
  • Country of Origins Canada
  • Canning Date Canned: 28/06/2023
    Cold Shipped & Cold Stored

For this beer we wanted to both brew, and illustrate something with multiple layers of depth. We wanted to build a flavor profile that would initially present itself one way and then metamorphose into something later in the drinking experience. Kind of like a “gotcha” moment, where you think you know what’s going on, and then someone or something reveals itself to you as totally different and new… but in a cool and extremely pleasant way.

Dry hopped with Citra, Galaxy and Riwaka this beer drinks at first as a citric delight, which as it warms moves toward a more tropical, pineapple laden profile. It’s a delightful drinking experience start to finish!


Citra, Galaxy & Riwaka

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