The White Hag & Pravda Brewery

Blue + Yellow = Green

  • Size 440ml
  • ABV 5.5%
  • Style Hazy West Coast IPA
  • Country of Origins Ireland
  • Canning Date BB 26/09/2024
Over the Hagstravaganza weekend we knocked out a few collabs with visiting brewers, and the first release from these is ‘Blue + Yellow = Green’ a West Coast Hazy IPA. Coming in around 5.5% ABV with a beautiful level of bitterness, balanced out by a soft juiciness.

It’s close to the Wavesweeper we put out earlier in the year, but with a higher ABV and carries a lot more flavour. The name is taken from the statement of support by the Irish Government for Ukraine during St. Patricks Day 2022.

When we were putting the collaboration together, the Ukrainians were keen to highlight what they felt when they visited, that we have given a warm welcome and a lot of support to their people, and the name was their suggestion!
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