Galway Bay & Rascals


  • Size 440ml
  • ABV 5%
  • Style Catharina Sour
  • Country of Origins Ireland
  • Canning Date PKG 18/08/2023 BB 18/08/2024
Catharina sour, what's that I hear you say. This is a style of beer that emerged in Brazil in the early years of their craft beer revolution. Brazil has a strong German brewing tradition so the idea of berliner weisse with tropical fruits was a natural choice for many brewers. It's more fruit forward than other sours with loads of pulped real fruit for a really full on tropical aroma. This version of the fruit forward style sour was conceived with our friends in @rascalsbrewing to share our love of experimentation and celebrate the Brazilians on both of our teams. Lagoma is a Portuguese portmanteau of the fruit additions in the beer. The beer is brewed on a light base of pilsner malt and wheat, to let the tropical and citrus notes of the fruit shine through. Saúde!
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