For their #7 Eight Degrees wanted to do a big, modern double IPA, and there's nothing bigger or more modern than a double IPA with Kveik. This is the cool, new-kid-on-the-block Norwegian yeast strain - that's only just been around for hundreds of years, passed down from generation to generation in that country. It's a quick fermenting, flocculent yeast, with a high alcohol and heat tolerance which produces citrus notes with a distinctive guava and lime zest character.

As part of our commitment to quality at Eight Degrees, we've been working with Philip Woodnut from WHC Lab in Wicklow. He's been developing a new strain of Kveik called Valkyrie from an isolate that comes from Norway's Ebbegarden region. It's a tropical fruit-forward ale with lots of tutti frutti flavours, which we've further accentuated by dry hopping with the dynamic Enigma.

Kveik it out!

Country of Origin: Ireland
Brewery: Eight Degrees
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