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Firestone Walker collectible box

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1x Firestone Walker - Cherry Barrel Blossom 2020 Imperial Porter 375ml Bottle  11.2% ABV

Imperial Porter aged in bourbon barrels for one year and six to eight months in cherry bitters barrels. The final blend is 88% bourbon barrel-aged beer mixed with 12% cherry bitters barrel-aged beer. The bourbon and cherry bitters barrels give the beer aromas and flavors of cherry, bourbon, vanilla, tobacco and milk chocolate.
Finally, you then add the mild inclusion of sea salt that brings all these flavors together while adding mouthfeel.

1x Firestone Walker – Blue Love Fruited Sour 375ml Bottle 6.4% ABV

 Introducing blue love an inventive wild ale crafted with fresh blueberries from the pacific northwest

Aged in French oak barrels, then fermented with 10,000 pounds of specialty “Bluecrop” berries selected for their intense fruit character.

Our first foray into the blueberry wild beer phenomenon, offering a massive blueberry aromas and flavors, all balanced by soft acidity and insane drinkability.

The first of just four national Barrelworks releases for 2020, aiming to please fans of all things wild.

1x Firestone Walker – Parabola 2020 Imperial Stout 375ml Bottle 13.6% ABV

 Introducing the latest vintage of one of craft’s most storied barrel-aged beers. This is Parabola 2020, a one of-a-kind imperial stout that never fails to impress.

Aged for a year in premium bourbon barrels to gain depth, complexity and intensity, then blended and released in limited quantities.

Righteously dark and thick, with boldly balanced flavors of chocolate, charred oak, vanilla, black cherry and coffee.

One of Firestone Walker’s most sought-after beers and a legend in the arena of barrel-aged stouts.

1x Firestone Walker – Stickee Monkee 2017 Barred-Aged Central Coast Quad 375ml Bottle 12.5%% ABV

 A Belgian Quad by recipe, but aging it in spirits barrels garners its own category: Central Coast Quad. A beer formulated to sit on the sweeter and malty side so that we could utilize it for blending.

Turbinado brown sugar from Mexico and Belgian candi sugar add wonderful molasses flavors. It has a full body and lush texture with barrel expression all over this beer: toasted oak, coconut, leather and cigar tobacco.

Enjoy it now, or cellar in a cool, dark place.


1x Firestone Walker – Sucaba 2018 Barleywine 375ml Bottle 12.5% ABV

Sucaba is back by popular demand in 2019.

As always, this latest vintage delivers big, boozy, bourbon and American oak aromas combined with soft chocolate malt undertones. Complex malt flavors are framed in oak with hints of dark chocolate, vanilla and toasted coconut.

Sucaba will reward careful cellaring for years to  come-and we raccomended counting the years with an abacus.


1x Firestone Walker - Krieky Bones Wild Ale 375ml Bottle 6.2% ABV


Perhaps it was a way to motivate us into producing beer, or maybe it was a desperate hint at a Birthday gift. Either way,

David Walker cornered us one day and asked for a sour cherry fermented beer for his 50th birthday. Nothing more was said, but we took note and the opportunity to create something new. On the occasion of David’s golden jubilee, we celebrate his mid-life mortality check with Walker’s Krieky Bones!

This beer begins its life as a Flanders Red style beer aged eight months in a 2200 gallon French Oak Foeder, sour cherries were added and allowed a secondary fermentation. The aroma is of cherry pie complete with flavors of piecrust and spicy notes. Vienna malt notes give way to assertive acidity and firm carbonation to finish.

A santé and happy 50th birthday David!

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