Garage Beer

Fractal Spectrum

  • Size 440ml
  • ABV 4.7%
  • Style Rice Lager
  • Country of Origins Spain
  • Canning Date 20/10/22
Our first ever rice lager and we made this one hard for ourselves. Using 30% raw rice from Molí de Pals (Girona) we performed a cereal mash in our brew kettle to make the starch available for conversion to fermentable sugar in our main mash. This process is essentially making a porridge out of rice and some pils malt before adding it to the mash with the rest of the malt. And let me tell you, this is not simple on an English style infusion brewhouse. But the result is that it allowed us to make an incredibly dry, balanced and refreshing lager that can be drank all night long.
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