Equilibrium & Parish

Ghost In The Laboratory (Batch 2)

  • Size 473ml
  • ABV 8.5%
  • Style DIPA
  • Country of Origins USA
  • Canning Date Canned: July 2023
    Cold Shipped & Cold Stored

Using a mashed-up grain bill from Straight Outta The Laboratory and Ghost in The Machine, we used a massive dose of CO2 extract, Citra Incognito, and Citra T-90s on the hotside, followed by an insane amount of Citra LUPOMAX and Citra T-90s for the Double Dry Hop, still one of the heaviest dry hops in Equilibrium’s history. Ghost In The Laboratory pours an opaque and vivid yellow and has very strong aromas of extreme mango supported by tropical nectar. The flavor is explosive with extremely saturated notes of mango smoothie, Grovestand Orange Juice with plenty of pulp, orange tang, tropical fruit cup in syrup, dank grass, and a rainbow melon creamsicle note from our #EQjuice finish, all packed into a resinous and chewy mouthfeel.

 Citra Incognito & Citra T-90 (hotside), Citra LUPOMAX & Citra T-90 (DDH)

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