Over the last few months, hard seltzers have become particularly popular in Ireland - and there's a new one hitting shelves that you're definitely going to want to try.

Grizzly Hard Seltzer, which was founded by Rory King, launched earlier this month - and he recently spoke to Her about the inspiration behind the brand and the "absolutely crazy" reaction so far.The inspiration first came to him after he spent five years traveling the world while working in the drinks industry - and, after seeing how big hard seltzers were in North America, he decided to bring it to Ireland.

The brand is 100 per cent Irish made and owned, with Rory explaining that the vegan, gluten-free drink was designed to "meet the growing demands of health conscious drinkers."

There are three flavours to start out with: Mixed Berries, Strawberry and Lime and Lemon and Lime. However, there are going to be a lot more hitting shelves in the  future.

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