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High Roller: Exclusive Calendar

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  • Canning Date Shipping from 27/11/2023

Our ever-so-popular, legendary HIGH ROLLER is back! 

The ultimate tasting experience just before Christmas begins.

Pre-order yours now.

We have plenty of surprises for you for this year's #craftvent season. You know the rules - don't peek and stay excited! Beers you have not tasted before (at least we hope!) and exclusive brews you can only find in these boxes. It's a great fun. Beer by beer, we'll get to the final Christmas celebrations. 

We won't spoil any surprise and will not reveal the content of the boxes in advance. So you are safe to look at our social media!


  • Pre-order your box. Get excited, but be patient - the Advent box will be with you just in time before the 1st of December kicks in. 
  • Open the box every morning and select the date & appropriate can number that matches your calendar.
  • Hide your treat in the fridge to have it ready for later. 
  • Get through your day.
  • Unwrap your gift of the day, treat yourself and enjoy! 

    Variety of Irish and international beers that you won't find anywhere else in Ireland! 

    *Shipping from the week starting 27/11/2023

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