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  • Size 440ml
  • ABV 5%
  • Style Sour
  • Country of Origins Ireland
  • Canning Date BB 20/07/2024

Lagerita is a sour beer flavoured with lime, orange peel, and Agave syrup. It is sour, fruity, zesty, and it takes inspiration from the classic cocktail Margarita. It is a refreshing summer drink.

Lagerita is a sour beer fermented with a sour yeast and also a lager yeast and brewed with a lager malt base. It is flavoured with Agave syrup, Lime puree and zest, and bitter orange zest to evoke the flavours of a classic Margarita cocktail. It is a sour, fruity, and refreshing beer, cloudy and pale yellow in appearance. It is refreshingly tart, with a strong lime presence, and a touch of bitterness from the zest. The Agave contributes a touch of sweetness behind the acidity, reminiscent of honey. There is very little to no hop presence, with only minimal hop bitterness. We originally brewed this beer for summer festivals on our small pilot kit but scaled it up due to its popularity as a thirst-quenching summer sour! Arriba arriba!!

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