Night Shift: Wheat Wine Aged In Bourbon & Rum Barrels Vintage 2022

  • Size 330ml
  • ABV 15.1%
  • Style BA Wheat Wine
  • Country of Origins Hungary
  • Canning Date BB 31/12/2027
For years we have considered blending our Wheat Wine Whiskey barrel aged beer with the Wheat Wine Rhum version. 2022 is the year it comes to fruition by blending these two great beers with a mixed barrel Wheat Wine. Our brewmaster, along with the team worked diligently to blend the proper proportions of each to create this unique brew. The whiskey barrel comes from a small American distillery while the Rhum Agricole barrel came from Saint Martin Island in the Caribbean. The third barrel started its journey in Tennessee filled with whiskey then traveled to Jamaica to be filled with Rum before making its way to Hungary to be filled with a portion of the beer you have in your hand. Enjoy this astonishing beer!
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