With National Curry Week approaching, we’ve teamed up with long-time collaborators and Monk team favourite, Bundobust for our latest Culinary Concept. The key to feasting Gujarati-style is balance - that interplay of hot, cold, sweet, spicy, soft and crunchy all mingling with each other in one meal, sometimes all in one bite.

With so much rich and spicy food at the table, mouthfuls of fruit chaat – fresh fruit dusted with punchy chaat massala – are eaten between scoops of dal and bites of bread and bhaji to provide welcome refreshment and contrast to emphasise the variety of savoury flavours.

We’ve recreated that in beer form, by adding Mango & Pineapple to a silky oat-forward Citra & Amarillo base to create a smooth, fruity IPA, conditioned on kashmiri chilli and salt to mimic the distinctive warming salinity of chaat massala.

Style: Salted Tropical Chilli IPA

Country of Origin: UK

Brewery: Northern Monk Patron Project

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