Our Irish Heather Sour Ale is an interpretation of a Neolithic-era indigenous ale. This "Gruit" utilises Irish Heather flowers in place of hops to balance the sweet, rich malts. We also use a hint of peat-smoked barley to replicate the flavours produced by the ancient practice of heating the brew using turf-fired stones. We then innoculate and ferment the wort using wild yeasts from the Heather to produce the characteristic sourness of these ancient wild ales. 

For the beer, you can expect floral aromas of sweet smoke and rich, cherry-like malt, married with a hint of oak spice and balanced acidity. Over the floral, caramel and maltiness lays a pleasant blanket of acidity reminiscent of cherries and dark fruits. A hint of peat smoke and oak appears in the background adding depth and complexity.

Style: Barrel Aged Sour

Country of Origin: Ireland

Brewery: The White Hag

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