The White Hag is hosting possibly Ireland's first ever online beer launch as we introduce you to our latest and freshest... Phantom Hazy IPA!

So login in, sit down and crack open a fresh can of Phantom Hazy IPA and enjoy the flavours and aroma of our newest beer while The White Hag's Master Brewer Joe talks you through the experience.

Live stream starts at 6.30pm on Tuesday 24th March.

The Phantom, Morrigan, was one of the triple goddesses in Irish mythology. She was the shapeshifter and patron deity of revenge and magic who created the clouds of fog that the Tuatha De Danann used to conceal their identities. The Fog in our hazy IPA conceals heaps of flavour and texture, perhaps unexpected for a beer of this gravity.

This is a golden, hazy and sessionable IPA, with a sof, juicy mouthfeel. Big citrus and fruity top notes accentuated by piney, dank undertones. The intentional haze is caused by withholding the finings in the kettle, allowing the proteins to remain in suspension, ultimately binding with the hop oils to deliver the freshest, hoppiest flavour possible. 

Golden and hazy, with a hint of orange hues; topped off with a white fluffy head. Hop forward, juicy tropical and stone fruit, supported by dank, sticky pine. Intense tropical fruit, citrus and pine. Soft carbonation, dripping with juicy hop oils.

Style: IPA, Hazy

Country of Origin: Ireland

Brewery: The White Hag

Availability: Out Of Stock