Lervig & Stillwater

Times 8

  • Size 330ml
  • ABV 16%
  • Style Imperial Stout
  • Country of Origins Norway
  • Canning Date BB 28/02/2033
This beer marks the peak of craft beer as we know it, a stout to end all pastry stouts, we thought we could kill craft with just vanilla alone but we’re mistaken… this is why we made Times 8, 16% alc by volume, its huge maltyness will withstand the confectionary wonderland that is offered with this beer.

A luscious mixture of Vanilla, cocoa, maple syrup with a touch of butterscotch and a hint of coconut brings this thing to the final chapter of things we can add to a stout to make people wonder what the hell we are thinking.

We are sure you’re going to love this one, but your next beer should probably be a pilsner.
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