We’ve taken a hazy sledgehammer to some hops that would generally find themselves in any self-respecting WCIPA with Spectral Frequency. Low bitterness, soft textured, hazy and the hops turned up to 11. We’ve focused on the trio of Amarillo, Centennial and Columbus. It’s been some time since we’ve dry hopped with Columbus and there’s been plenty of excitement here about making an unashamedly dank DIPA. Here it is. The nose is unmistakeably DANK. If you don’t like Columbus, move on please. It’s playing here with all the ripe tangerine of Amarillo and heavy floral power of Centennial but the flavour and body gives way to the stone fruit and citrus with  complementary herbal and oily goodness.

Style: DIPA 

Brewery: Whiplash 

Country of Origin: Ireland

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