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Chocomel Caralate

Imperial Stout|440ml|11.5%
Brewed in collaboration with Põhjala Brewery from Tallinn, to celebrate Basqueland's 7th anniversary.Imperial Pastry Stout with cocoa, chocolate, caramel, vanilla and salt.
Basqueland & Põhjala

Cohete A Mars

DDH IPA|440ml|6%
Is there life on Mars? And if it is... is there water in Mars? and if there is water... are there any hops? and if there is hops... well... you...
€3.99 €6.75

Chasing Windmills

DIPA collab made with Netherlands' WHITE DOG, we had a great time with Ricky hanging out in the Basque Country. Looking forward to that visit to the Netherlands and check...
€4.99 €7.65
Basqueland & White Dog

Deep Dive

Imperial Stout|440ml|10.5%
Imperial Pastry Stout with Coconut, Chocolate, Coffee, Hazelnut & Tonka.