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Nitro Irish Stout

Nitro Stout|440ml|4.3%

Nitro Stout

Nitro Stout|440ml|4.7%
Lervig’s nitro stout is a dry Irish stout brewed with a good roasty hoppy balance. It’s use of nitrogen and the gas trapping capsule aka “widget” releases nitrogen when opening...
Chill. Pull. Pour. Pause. Enjoy.

Black Heart

Nitro Stout|440ml|4.1%
Forget everything you know about stout. Forget what you think it tastes like. And forget having to go to Dublin to get a good pint of it. There’s a new...


Imperial Nitro Stout|473ml|8.7%
An imperial stout where cold brewed coffee, toasted dark coconut and Dutch cocoa melt and merge seamlessly to sire this superbly smooth roast, infused with flavors so bold and dark...