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Faith In Haze

Hazy IPA|440ml|6%
Trust us; step into the haze.
Northern Monk


Hazy Pale Ale|330ml|5.4%
A Hazy Pale Ale packed with soft fruit flavours. Smooth, tropical and juicy.
Northern Monk

9.04 Patrons Project - Very Stable Genius

When Brooklyn's KC BC came to visit, we wanted to brew an American classic. No, not an IPA. We brewed a great adjunct lager - nobody brews lager better than...
Northern Monk & KCBC

Heathen Club

Hazy Pale Ale|330ml|4.6%
Those who roll the dice with us have good odds. Be brave. Take a chance. Bring the fire. 
Northern Monk


A bold yet balanced New England IPA. Soft, resinous and tropical. For the Heathens.The American-bred Citra hops made its splash into the industry with a bang, taking over the craft...
Northern Monk

Mango Lassi Heathen

Milkshake IPA|440ml|7.2%
Our fourth 10th Anniversary release is a return of everyone’s favourite twist – Mango Lassi Heathen. First brewed in 2018, this returning classic is a lassified Heathen, with lactose and vanilla, and...
Northern Monk

Reimagine Patrons Series // Jon Simmons // Knucklepuck

DDH IPA|440ml|7%
Our fifth 10th Anniversary release, a rebrew of 2017’s Knucklepuck – the second release in our Head of Design Jon Simmons’ Patrons Project series.  Everything that we loved about the original...
Northern Monk

Guava Have Faith

Hazy Pale Ale|330ml|4%
Our Faith has been tested with a tropical fruit. because you Guava have Faith.
Northern Monk

Northern Star

Chocolate, Caramel and Biscuit Porter. In the north, we can our warmth. Smooth, creamy and rich. Let us be your guide.
Northern Monk