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Micro IPA|440ml|3.5%
This one’s for all you thirsty sun dwellers that just want a low ABV but full-bodied and citrus hopped beer to sip on all day in the sun, without getting...
To Øl

Brewers At Play #37

Low Alc IPA|440ml|1%
We're thrilled to introduce BAP37, the pilot for our new Low Alcohol IPA. Rick has taken his time getting it right and had us sweating for a couple of months...
Micro, but big!

Peaches And Cream

Creamy Peach IPA|440ml|1%
A sweet Low ABV twist on our classic Peaches and Cream! Peach flavours from, you guessed it, peaches! The cream comes from sweet, smooth lactose and the IPA from the...
Tiny Rebel


Session IPA|330ml|4.1%
Appropriately named Eternal, this feather-bodied flavour bomb is fit to uplift your body and soul any time of day, any season of year. True to style, the recipe was envisioned...
Northern Monk