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Based on Jonas (Crooked Moon Malmö) We wanted to go nuts here. So we fermented at 40c with Hornindal Kveik.
Crooked Moon

Undead Inside

Fruit Ale|440ml|4.8%
A Forest Fruit Ale with a deep red berry colour and just a little hint of spooky to bring out the haze.Complex blackcurrant and red berry aroma. A small addition...
The White Hag

Nothing, No One (2023)

IPA brewed with oats and hopped with a blend of HBC638, HBC1019 and our hand-selected Mosaic.
€6.50 €9.75
Third Moon

The Nightcrawler

Milk Stout|440ml|4.5%
This is a darkly delicious milk stout, with a thick creamy head. Packed with coffee, chocolate and vanilla notes and a creaminess in the body that is typical of the...
O Brother