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Green City

DDH IPA|473ml|7%
Oat IPA   Citra, Centennial & Simcoe
Other Half

Sleep No More

Imperial Stout|330ml|11%
Brewed with honey, cocoa nibs and the biggest amount of coffee we've put in a beer so far.Beans roasted by Yume with a custom profile for this beer.

Smoke And Mirrors

Dry, oaky, spicy and heavy on the malts, this will work nicely as a break from all the haze. Barleywine is life.
Blackout & Acan Brewing

Social Distancing: Isolation

2022 brings us a new form of Social Distancing.... Isolation"Social Distancing: Isolation" is a mashup of 2 of our favorite beers from the last two years "Social Distancing" & "Still...
Abomination Brewing

Rocky Road Midnight Snack

Imperial Stout|473ml|14%
Imperial Stout brewed with Chocolate, Marshmallows, Peanuts and Ice Cream.
Abomination Brewing


Imperial Stout|473ml|12%
ForEverett is an Imperial Stout brewed to celebrate our pup Everett. This Imperial Stout has been conditioned on vanilla beans, coffee and roasted peanuts before being canned for your enjoyment....
Timber Ales

Road Of Reflection

Road of Reflection takes a look back at the journey for Timber Ales the last two years, and brings together our favorite offerings, dry-hopped with a new combination of hops,...
Timber Ales

Backyard Brawl

Imperial Stout|473ml|13.1%
We started withour decadent chocolate forward malt bill, and after fermentation, we let this concoction rest on Vermont maple syrup, marshmallows, toasted coconut, cinnamon, and roasted coffee beans. It's a...
Short Throw Brewing

That Sticky

Our latest hoppy offering, That Sticky is just that. We used Strata, Mosaic, and Cashmere in the boil as well as the dry hopping. Essence of stone fruit, citrus, and...
Short Throw Brewing


Brut IPA|473ml|7%
B-43 uses the same recipe hops as M-43 but no residual sugar, 3g of carbs per pint, and 7%!   Calypso, Amarillo, Citra & Simcoe
Old Nation

Redwood Creek

West Coast IPA|440ml|6.6%
  Nugget, Idaho 7 & Centennial

Come Summer

Talus Cryo, Mosaic & BRU-1

Cleveland Cowboy

Imperial Sour|355ml|7.9%
Imperial Pastry Sour with tart cherries, sweet cherries, vanilla, cinnamon, and pecans.
Prairie Artisan Ales

Pink Guava Funk

Kettle Sour with Brett and Pink Guava
Prairie Artisan Ales

Buntastic (2022)

Imperial Stout|355ml|12.2%
Carrot Cake inspired imperial stout brewed with actual Carrot Cake.
Prairie Artisan Ales

Barrel-Aged Three's Cocompany

BA Imperial Stout|473ml|13.5%
Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with coconut, vanilla beans, milk sugar, and oat milkIt’s been a year since we got together with Mikerphone and Moksa for a virtual happy hour, where...
The Bruery & Mikerphone & Moksa

The BanAnswer

BA Imperial Stout|473ml|13.1%
Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with bananas, milk sugar, Madagascar vanilla beans, cacao nibs, cocoa powder, and walnutsInspired by the classic dessert, we crafted this beer with all the elements of...
The Bruery

In Fructus Veritas

Sour Ale brewed with Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Mango, Banana & Milk Sugar.
Evil Twin

Before, During & After Dinner Blend

Coffee Stout|473ml|8%
Coffee Stout
Evil Twin

Devil Child

Barley wine ale with maple syrup & vanilla
Evil Twin

Will This Belgian-Style Beer Deserve Your Respect?

Belgian Strong|473ml|12%
Evil Twin

Sour Bikini (2022 Long Island Sound Edition)

Sour IPA|473ml|4%
Evil Twin CT

If I Were A Sailor In New Haven

DDH IPA|473ml|6.5%
Evil Twin CT

I Feel Comfortable Using Beer Jargon In Everyday Life

Belgian Blonde|473ml|6.5%
Adding to our hoppy blonde series! This one offers bright notes of wheat, fresh hops, & subtle citrus notes.   Mosaic & Strata
Evil Twin NYC

Stephen's Over-The-Top Strawberry Lemon Poppyseed Glazed Donut

Going very over-the-top with strawberries, lemon, poppyseed, & glazed donuts for this sour beer.
Evil Twin NYC

Piña Colada Sherbet

Brewed with pineapple, coconut, & a teeeeeny bit of cherry.
Evil Twin NYC

To The Milky Way & Back XI

Milkshake IPA|473ml|7%
Blending blueberry, matcha, marcona almonds, & vanilla for edition 11. Contains milk sugar.
Evil Twin NYC


GF Pale Ale|330ml|5.5%
Gluten Free Beer with a huge amount of Mango!
HopTop Brewery

Midnight Express

A proper foreign stout with velvety, creamy foam. Cold roasted coffee, smoky scents and flavors are dominant. As the beer warms up a light chocolate flavor can be tasted.
HopTop Brewery

Canadian Lover

Barley Wine|330ml|12.5%
Kentucky bourbon - maple syrup barrel aged multigrain barley wine with rye, oat, wheat and barley.
HopTop Brewery

No Sleep Tonight

Imperial Stout|330ml|9.5%
Vanilla infused Imperial Stout
HopTop Brewery

Brett (2020)

Beer specialty made with Belgian liquid yeast aged in Tokaji Furmint Barrels.    Tokaji Furmint
HopTop Brewery

Eisbock 13%

Bottom fermented eisbock style specialty beer. The beer base was a traditional decocted bock. After the fermentation we freeze the bigger part of the water to archieve higher alcohol volume...
HopTop Brewery

Eisbock 15.5%

A bottom-fermented beer specialty, the basis of which is a German-style double-baked beer made with a traditional decoction process.After fermentation, part of the water was frozen to increase the intensity...
HopTop Brewery

Eisbock 14 (2021)

Bottom fermented eisbock style specialty beer. The beer base was a traditional decocted bock. After the fermentation we freeze the bigger part of the water to archieve higher alcohol volume...
HopTop Brewery

All Green Everything

DDH TIPA|473ml|10.5%
Double Dry Hopped All Green Everything is our Triple IPA brewed with Amarillo, Motueka, Citra and Mosaic. We then double dry hopped it with Citra and Mosaic Lupulin powder. We...
Other Half