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Chewy malt with resinous pine and citrus flavours.

O'Hara's Double IPA

O'Hara's Double I.P.A launched in March 2013 is a full bodied, full on Double I.P.A. combining caramel and malt flavours with a well-balanced and substantial bitterness. Generously hopped and dry...
Volume Up!


Explosively aromatic, fresh & fruity. The mother of all DIPAs dry-hopped to the brim with Cascade, Citra and Simcoe perfectly balanced by pilsner malts, wheat and flaked oats.
To Øl

3 Way Simcoe

New England DIPA. 'Yup, lots of Simcoe!' -Shane, December 2023
Dot Brew

Sticky Clouds

Double NEIPA|500ml|8.1%
5th Anniversary Collab SeriesAs a part of celebrating our 5th anniversary, we brewed a beer with the leading American brewery - Moksa. We combined our experiences and created a double,...
€4.85 €7.85
Funky Fluid & Moksa Brewing Co.


Cascade - Phantasm & a shit ton of Mosaic
Brewski & Crooked Moon


DDH DIPA|440ml|8.2%
Double Ipa with Hops Spectrum Citra, Galaxy y Lupomax Citra.
€4.50 €7.00

#13 DIPA

We took the best bits from all the recipes so far in the series for this recipe. We looked at what hops we've used each time and in what combinations....
To Øl

Celestial Floods

We recently invited our good friends from Bullhouse Brew Co. for a long overdue collab.Celestial Floods is a DIPA dry hopped with Galaxy, Riwaka and Mosaic but to keep things...
Galway Bay & Bullhouse

Ghost In The Machine

Hazy DIPA|473ml|8%
Welcome to the future. Our collective human consciousness, or Ghost in the Machine, has gained a tolerance for hops beyond what mankind has ever known before.This Double India Pale Ale...


DIPA TH+|440ml|8%
Motueka has long been a firm favourite here at Track, so when we were given the opportunity to use Freestyle Hops new Mega Motueka, we jumped at the chance!What is...
Track Brewing
Fill Your Fridge, it's thirsty

Sea Of Stars

This DIPA is a journey through Nelson Sauvin, a hop which we think brings oodles of complexity and breadth to any beer it's in. The base of this beer is...
Track Brewing

Wave (9th Birthday)

DDH DIPA|440ml|8%
Birthday 2023 DDH DIPA w/ Citra Cryo, Citra Spectrum, Citra T90, Nelson Sauvin T90 & Moutere. 9 years. 9 rotations around the sun.A lot has happened in craft beer over...
Track Brewing

Helium Flash

Two of the worlds best IPA breweries, The Veil and Monkish, are back at Mash this year and we are delighted to do a three way collab with them. This...
Garage & Monkish & The Veil


A triple threat of Citra - using Citra, Citra Incognito and Citra Cryo, creates an immense wave of tantalising Lemon and Orange on the nose. This transcends into a crescendo...
Track & Mountain Culture


It's 2024 and we've packaged a TIPA! We're getting pithy Lemon and freshly cut grass mingling in the aroma, whilst an ample addition of Nelson beckons flavours of Gooseberry & White Wine on...
Track & Range

Light Over Land

Something a little different with this Double IPA. We've added Hallertau Blanc to the mix, which alongside Nelson & Idaho 7 creates fresh citrus, juicy grape and light spice. Hallertau...
Track Brewing

Everything Illuminated

Continuing our quest to find ultimate smoothness in our DIPAs we’ve layered up malted oats, flaked oats and wheat on top of pilsner malt. This base brings incredible silkiness to...
Track Brewing


Regular clay bricks take 5-6 days to make on average, this brick took between 15-20 days to make, but don’t let the name fool you; this is not suitable for...
Bullhouse Brew Co

Dual Coasts

This beer explores the best of the East and West coast hoppy styles using an aggressive west coast water profile, a base of 2row, wheat, and chit malt before a...

DDH Gravlax

DDH DIPA|473ml|7.8%
DDH Hazy DIPA with strata, simcoe and talus hops
€8.50 €11.35
Phase Three

Taste The Crystals Vol. 2

DDH DIPA |473ml|8%
€6.95 €9.25
Transient Artisan Ales

Beyond Infinity

Hazy Double IPA w/ Citra, Cryo Pop & NZ Cascade Hop Kief brewed in collaboration w/ Superflux Beer CompanySweet and creamy, overflowing with flavours of fresh passionfruit, peach, orange, cantaloupe...
€8.00 €10.50
Counterpart & Superflux

Gaia: Wai-iti

This Double IPA starts with a base of Citra and Mosaic hops. We then focused on highlighting Wai-iti in the heavy dry hop. The soft pillowy body is met with...
Find Me In Your Beer Diary


  Citra, El Dorado & Mosaic
Hop Butcher For The World

Whale Parking

Double India Pale Ale dry hopped with Nelson, Motueka, Kohatu, Rakau and Wai-iti.
Finback & North Park

Paid In Full

  Strata, Citra & Galaxy
€8.25 €10.75

Mandatory Casual Fridays

In an endless pursuit to make Mr. Buffet proud, we’ve landed on a big ol’ tropical island inspired DIPA. This is achieved via hops grown by our island dwelling buds...
Wren House Brewing Co.

Been There Done That

Brewed with Wheat, Oats, Dextrose. Hopped with Simcoe, Citra, and Mosaic.   Simcoe, Citra & Mosaic
Casita Brewing

DDH After A While, Crocodile

DDH DIPA|473ml|7.8%
Double dry-hopped hazy double IPA with Idaho 7, Sabro, HBC 630, and Citra hops. Balanced citrus, a bite of coconut, and a splash of tropical goodness. 
Phase Three

Neon Fantasy

Imperial IPA|473ml|8.1%
Heavily wheated and oated north east imperial IPA with lactose brewed with lemongrass. Dry hopped with Lupulin Citra, Idaho 7, and experimental Bru-1. Finished on lemongrass and toasted coconut.  ...

Hop Dip

  Simcoe, Riwaka, Mosaic & Nelson Sauvin
Hop Butcher For The World

Hop Files #2

Hazy DIPA|473ml|8.5%
We took our processes from Hop Files #1 and upped the ABV and changed out the hops. We dry hopped this one with Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo.   Citra, Mosaic...

TDH Lotus (Wandering Into The Fog)

TDH DIPA|473ml|8.6%
Triple Dry Hopped Double IPA   Lotus


Double IPA dry hopped w/ Sabro, Freestyle Peacharine, Citra & Mosaic
€8.00 €9.75
Willibald Farm Brewery


* NEW hazy DIPA alert *We commissioned our otherworldly buddy @nonheinous for this cornhole-inspired label, then brewed a drippy double IPA with our instant hit YQH-1320 hops. We supplemented the...
Imprint Beer Co.