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Imperial Stout|355ml|13%
Bomb! is an imperial stout aged on Nordaggio's espresso beans, chocolate, vanilla beans, and ancho chile peppers. All the flavors meld to create a truly unique beer. The peppers add...
Prairie Artisan Ales

Buntastic (2022)

Imperial Stout|355ml|12.2%
Carrot Cake inspired imperial stout brewed with actual Carrot Cake.
Prairie Artisan Ales

Proton Streams

BA Blend|355ml|14%
Blended Rum Barrel Aged Stout, Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout, & Bourbon Barrel Aged Brown Ale.   Rum, Bourbon & Bourbon
Prairie Artisan Ales

Double Deka

Milk Stout|440ml|5%
Part of the 10th Anniversary Special Releases!Double Deka is a smooth and delicious chocolate stout made with rich Ghanaian cocoa nibs. This beer has been 10 years in the making....
The Wild Beer

Barrel-Aged Three's Cocompany

BA Imperial Stout|473ml|13.5%
Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with coconut, vanilla beans, milk sugar, and oat milkIt’s been a year since we got together with Mikerphone and Moksa for a virtual happy hour, where...
The Bruery & Mikerphone & Moksa

The BanAnswer

BA Imperial Stout|473ml|13.1%
Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with bananas, milk sugar, Madagascar vanilla beans, cacao nibs, cocoa powder, and walnutsInspired by the classic dessert, we crafted this beer with all the elements of...
The Bruery

Mocha Wednesday (2021)

BA Imperial Stout|473ml|19.1%
Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with cacao nibs and coffee.Decadent and rich, Mocha Wednesday is the perfect midweek pick-me-up. Layers of artisan dark chocolate from San Francisco’s TCHO blend effortlessly with...
The Bruery

Before, During & After Dinner Blend

Coffee Stout|473ml|8%
Coffee Stout
Evil Twin

Midnight Express

A proper foreign stout with velvety, creamy foam. Cold roasted coffee, smoky scents and flavors are dominant. As the beer warms up a light chocolate flavor can be tasted.
HopTop Brewery

No Sleep Tonight

Imperial Stout|330ml|9.5%
Vanilla infused Imperial Stout
HopTop Brewery

Winterland (2022)

Imperial Stout|440ml|9%
For Winter 2023 we hope you enjoy our Imperial Coconut Stout. Rich malt flavours and a robust ABV are combined with an unmistakable taste of the tropics to warm the...

Gola Secca

Italian Dry Stout|330ml|4.8%
Brewed alongside Brewfist, Gola Secca feels like a dark dry stout meets a pilsner. The name Gola Secca is inspired by this brew's dry, full-mouthedness - derived from the phrase...
The White Hag & Brewfist

The Forty Foot

Potato Stout|440ml|5.5%
Similar in style to an oatmeal stout, we use potato starch in this recipe to help balance flavour between the dark roasted malt and sweet hops.  The Forty Foot may...
Post Card Brewing

Deep Dive

Imperial Stout|440ml|10.5%
Imperial Pastry Stout with Coconut, Chocolate, Coffee, Hazelnut & Tonka.

Waffle Supreme

Imperial Stout|440ml|11%
Imperial Pastry Stout with Chocolate, Cocoa, Vanilla & Waffles.

Chocomel Caralate

Imperial Stout|440ml|11.5%
Brewed in collaboration with Põhjala Brewery from Tallinn, to celebrate Basqueland's 7th anniversary.Imperial Pastry Stout with cocoa, chocolate, caramel, vanilla and salt.
Basqueland & Põhjala

Set To Smooth

What’s stout season without a proper stout?. This bold and chocolate forward stout with notes of creamy caramel.... think Dulce de Leche... is balanced with a touch of Irish sea...
Third Barrel

All I Want For Christmas (2022)

BA Eggnog Stout|750ml|15%
Creamy, thick and pleasantly sweet, our take on a classic Christmas beverage features rum, cinnamon and vanilla with whispers of nutmeg. It’s like a melted vanilla ice cream with Christmas...
Lervig Rackhouse

Barrel Aged Upside Down Christmas Cake (2022)

Imperial Stout|330ml|10.5%
Pastry Christmas Stout

Super Santa

Choco Shake Stout

Christmas Morning

Breakfast Stout|330ml|4.7%
Breakfast Waffle Stout

Sticky Little Fingers (2022)

Imperial Stout|440ml|12.5%
Sticky Toffee Cinnabun Ultra Pastry Stout

Barrel Aged Sticky Little Fingers (2022)

BA Imperial Stout|440ml|13%
Stocky Toffee Cinnabun - Bourbon Barrel Aged Ultra Pastry Stout   Bourbon

Christmas Tart (2022)

Imperial Stout|440ml|12.5%
Choco Orange Ginger Cinnabun Tart - Ultra Pastry Stout

Triple Morish Dream

Imperial Stout|440ml|12.5%
Imperial All Marshmallow Pastry Stout.

Mango, Chocolate Creamsicle

Imperial Stout|330ml|10.5%
€4.49 €6.35

Pina Colada Creamsicle

Imperial Stout|330ml|10.5%
€4.49 €6.35

Passionfruit Creamsicle

Imperial Stout|330ml|10.5%
Passion Fruit Creamsicle Imperial Pastry Stout.
€4.49 €6.35

Night Shift: Russian Imperial Stout Aged In Tennessee Whiskey Barrels Vintage 2022

BA Russian Imperial Stout|330ml|13%
The Original Night Shift beer has returned to its founding! In 2016 when this beer was first brewed, it started the journey of the Night Shift line of beers. The...

Night Shift: Russian Imperial Stout Aged In Bourbon Barrels Vintage 2022

BA Russian Imperial Stout|330ml|13.6%
In 2020, when we tasted the first version of this beer, we felt a sense of pride like never before. This feeling has persisted every year since then. Our base...

Milk Stout With Tonka Beans

Milk Stout|330ml|6.8%
Nice and sweet, deep brown stout brewed with tonka beans. Perfect for a winter evening.

Happy Finish: Cognac (2022)

BA Imperial Stout|500ml|11%
Double Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Aged In Scotch And Cognac Barrels In this bottle, you can find the beautiful harmony of scotch and cognacAs mentioned before, good things come in...
Mad Scientist

Dovahkiin (2022)

BA Imperial Stout|500ml|12.9%
Islay Whisky Barrel-aged Smoky Imperial Milk Stout With Habanero ChilliesAs a dragon shout, this monstrous release arrives with smoke and fire and leaves no tastebuds untouched. When we brewed this...
Mad Scientist

Memphis Mafia

Imperial Stout|330ml|12.2%
Imperial Risalamande Pastry Stout with Sour Cherry, Almond & Vanilla
Mad Scientist

Candy Man

Imperial Stout|330ml|11.5%
Imperial Stout With Marshmallows And Tonka Beans
Mad Scientist

Nasty Riff

Imperial Stout|330ml|14%
Mexican Cake Inspired Imperial Stout collab with Adroit Theory (USA)
Mad Scientist & Adroit Theory