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Imperial Chocolate Almond & Coconut Stout

Imperial Stout|440ml|8.5%
Melt in the mouth desert stout, filled with organic chocolate, almonds and dusted with toasted coconut. Made with our friends Bådin from Bodø, Norway
The Garden & Bådin

Pointy Shoes (2023)

BA Imperial Stout|440ml|12%
Introducing Endangered Species no. 40, Pointy Shoes 2023. First released in 2019 to mark our 5th Birthday. Pointy Shoes 2023, a Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, aged in Bourbon barrels...
Wicklow Wolf

Astral Grains

Foreign Extra Stout|440ml|7.2%
Astral Grains is all about the dark chocolate, coffee and dried fruit flavours we get from the blend of 5 malts that we use.This is a rich, roasty all malt...

Safety Cap Off

Imperial Stout|440ml|10%
In collaboration with Horus Aged Ages, California.  Massive malty base, a touch of Magnum hops and heaps of Vanilla Caviar. There's no mistaking the flavour on this one.
Whiplash & Horus Aged Ages

Times 8

Imperial Stout|330ml|16%
This beer marks the peak of craft beer as we know it, a stout to end all pastry stouts, we thought we could kill craft with just vanilla alone but...
Lervig & Stillwater


This superbly sessionable stout is defined by its massive flavour without sacrificing any of its drinkability. A perfect pint at sunset or those times when you are totally over hops,...

Black Heart

Nitro Stout|440ml|4.1%
Forget everything you know about stout. Forget what you think it tastes like. And forget having to go to Dublin to get a good pint of it. There’s a new...

RudeBoy (Barrel Pig)

BA Milk Stout|330ml|11.5%
Kentucky bourbon barrell aged milk imperial stout.

Sex On The Barrel (Barrel Pig)

BA Milk Stout|330ml|11.6%
Barbados rum barrel aged milk imperial stout.

Mental Trainer (Barrel Pig)

BA Milk Stout|330ml|11.8%
Kentucky Bourbon barrel aged milk imperial stout.

Miss Fiji (Barrel Pig)

BA Milk Stout|330ml|12.1%
Fiji rum barrel aged milk Imperial Stout.

Fear Of The Dark I. (Barrel Pig)

BA Milk Stout|330ml|11.5%
Heavy weight milk imperial stout aged in kentucky bourbon maple syrup oak barrel for a year.

Fear Of The Dark II. (Barrel Pig)

BA Milk Stout|330ml|12.2%
Double barrel aged milk imperial stout, aged for months in JD Kentucky Bourbon barrel, and more than half year at kentucky bourbon maple syrup barrel.

Liquid Cinderella (Barrel Pig)

Imperial Stout|330ml|11.9%
Islay barrel blend Russian Imperial Stout.

Houston, We Have A Problem!

Milk Stout|330ml|7%
Cinnamon roll inspired imperial sweet stout.

No Sleep Tonight

Imperial Stout|330ml|9.5%
Vanilla infused Imperial Stout

Midnight Express

A proper foreign stout with velvety, creamy foam. Cold roasted coffee, smoky scents and flavors are dominant. As the beer warms up a light chocolate flavor can be tasted.


Imperial Stout|440ml|10.3%
Double Imperial Affogato Stout. Inspired by the Italian classic: Espresso, Cacao & Madagascan Vanilla. Contains Lactose.
The Garden Brewery


Imperial Stout|440ml|8.2%
Imperial Salted Caramel & Chocolate Biscuit Stout. Rich, sweet and indulgent on a milk stout biscuit base. Contains Lactose.
The Garden Brewery


Dark and smooth with notes of coffee and chocolate. Contains Lactose.
The Garden Brewery

Moloko Stout: Maple Syrup Edition

Milk Stout|500ml |5%
Milk stout with maple syrup.
Ten Men

Catch Me If You Can

Imperial Stout|473ml|10.3%
Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with molasses, ginger, graham cracker, and spicesRun, run, run, as fast as you can… it’s gingerbread season, and we’re feeling festive! What better way to celebrate...
The Bruery

Where Is The Lava?

BA Sour Imperial Stout|473ml|16.2%
Bourbon barrel-aged sour imperial stout with cherry, cacao nibs, cocoa powder, and Madagascar vanilla beansCrack into this treat, and you’ll get oozing molten cherry chocolate lava cake— Terreux style. This...
The Bruery

So Happens It's Tuesday

BA Imperial Stout|473ml|15.3%
Our signature Black Tuesday imperial stout is named in remembrance of the great stock market crash of 1929. So Happens It's Tuesday is a similarly bold yet slightly less aggressive...
The Bruery

Black & Blue & Red All Over BBLS

Sour & Imperial Stouts Blend|375ml|14.6%
Blend of Imperial and Sour Stouts Aged in Bourbon Barrels with Blackberries, Blueberries, Cherries and Vanilla.
The Bruery

Marzipandemonium (2017)

BA Imperial Stout|750ml|16.7%
Some people sculpt marzipan into flowers and animal shapes. We went nuts and recreated it as a beer. This limited release brings the party to your palate, showcasing the flavors...
The Bruery

Cookies 'N Cream 'N S'mores 'N Chocolate

Imperial Stout|473ml|10%
Our favorite cookies ’n cream base stout blended with Evil Twin staple ingredients of marshmallow, graham cracker, chocolate.
Evil Twin NYC

Perpetual Crunch: Bourbon BA

BA Imperial Stout|330ml|11%
Maple, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Vanilla.Aged in Widow Jane and Woodford Double Oak barrels for 9 months.Brewed and cared for at Bereta.

Geisha: Cognac BA

BA Imperial Stout|330ml|11%
Aged for 1 year in French Cognac barrels, with Columbian Geisha coffee beans, roasted by YUME.Origin: ColombiaFarm/Producer: Juan MartinRegion: Sotara, CaucaAltitude: 2050 mVariety: GeshaProcessing: washedCrop: 2022Cupping notes: acacia flowers, peaches,...
Blackout & Yume


Imperial Pastry Stout|473ml|10%
Pastry stout brewed w/ cacao + toasted marshmallows. 10%
Long Live Beerworks

BBA French Toast Devil Dog

Oatmeal Stout|355ml|10.5%
Bourbon barrel. Breakfast. Beer. The Big, bold character of Devil Dog Oatmeal Stout served with generous notes of Maple, Vanilla and Cinnamon. Aged in once-used Bourbon Barrels.


Imperial Stout|375ml|12.5%
Hiviscus is a rich, luxurious, Imperial Stout brewed with copious quantities of Hibiscus Flowers. The tart Hibiscus cuts the viscous sweet body of the Stout beautifully, adding balance & depth.

The Complete & Udder Desolation of S'more

Pastry Stout|375ml|13.5%
We’ve taken our Chilli, Marshmallow “Desolation of S’more” Stout & given it a complete Pastry Milk Stout makeover. Based on the campfire treat of toasting marshmallows over a fire and...

Persian Princess

Pastry Stout|375ml|13%
Turkish Delight Pastry Stout.

Tír na nÓg

Imperial Stout|473ml|11.5%
‘Tis only a stepmother would blame you...for getting blathered on Tir na nÓg, our 11.5% ABV Irish Sweet Stout made with loads of Vanilla Beans, Irish Creme Coffee Beans, Cacao...
€8.00 €9.99


Imperial Nitro Stout|473ml|8.7%
An imperial stout where cold brewed coffee, toasted dark coconut and Dutch cocoa melt and merge seamlessly to sire this superbly smooth roast, infused with flavors so bold and dark...