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12 Beers Of GF Christmas (VIP)

Christmas Box|12 Beers|GF
This Gluten-Free Box contains: 2x Brewski - Photosynthesis GF IPA || 2x Mad Scientist - Popstar GF IPA || 2x Mad Scientist - Powerpop Star GF IPA || 2x Track Brewing - Vale English Lager || 2x...

Howling Wolf-Pack

Glass Set|16 Cans + Glass
Enjoy the holiday season in style!  And with that - you'll need a proper glassware for it. We got some stylish branded Wicklow Wolf glasses, that just fit so well...
Wicklow Wolf

12 Beers Of VIP Christmas

World Mix|12 Cans
12 Beers of Christmas: World Edition Exclusive playlist for your holiday season! What's in the box: 1x Azvex: Volcanic Lightning (IPA) || 1x Track: Change In Tune || 1x Brewski: Ystävä (Pale...
Christmas Box

12 Beoir na Nollag

Irish Box|12 Cans
12 Beers of Christmas: Irish Edition Enjoy the holiday season with the greatest seasonal releases from our fantastic Irish breweries.  What's in the box: 1x Trouble Brewing: Speakerbox (DIPA) ||...
Christmas Box

Guava Mandarin Mango

The tropical taste of ripe guava, zesty mandarin, and luscious mango will transport you to sun-soaked shores, and these fruit forward flavours are as refreshing as a dip in the...
Vault City

Papaya Peach

Session Sour|440ml|4.2%
The tropical taste of papaya and peach make a medley of flavours that sing in perfect harmony. Pair that with our golden sour base beer and voilà, you have a...
Vault City


Session Sour|440ml|4.1%
Juicy pineapple steals the spotlight here, and we let the fruit speak for itself in this ultra refreshing session sour.It’s sweet, tangy, and totally tropical.
Vault City

Vault Dweller

Imagine a world where sourness reigns supreme. A place where traditional beer styles met their untimely demise, descending further into toxic wasteland.‘More sour!’ they cried, knowing not the future that...
Vault City

Overnight Oats

Smoothie Sour|440ml|8.4%
Overnight Oats is back, and the second of the series maintains all the madness and intensity of our initial release.Sweet banana, juicy blackberry, and tart goji berry fight for centre...
Vault City

A Wee Drop

BA Amber Ale|330ml|7.1%
We first met Martin from BUA WHISKEY over a wee dram in rural Donegal. A long conversation about aging & flavour development ensued which resulted in the brewing of this...


BA Sour Red|330ml|8.2%
A blend of two parts two year old, 1 part one year old Flemish style red ales, both aged in ex-French Burgundy Wine Oak casks. A memory of tasting our...

Time Will Tell

Mixed Ferm Red|330ml|9.1%
We first met the Third Barrel crew back in December 2013 one fateful evening at WJ Kavanaghs in Dublin for the launch of their now legendary Boom pale ale. A...
Otterbank & Third Barrel

S̶e̶g̶w̶a̶y̶ Segue

Imperial Baltic Porter|750ml|12.3%
A mixed fermentation beer, slightly acidic with a gentle Brett funk. A return to the Northwest by our good friends in Dublin saw another classic style reinterpreted. A strong, dark...
Otterbank & Third Barrel

Eat. Sleep. Pale. Repeat.

Pale Ale|440ml|4.8%
Juicy pale ale brewed with Mosaic and Citra Cryo, Absolute SLAMMER. Mosaic & Citra Cryo  
Third Barrel

Clearest Echoes

Rustic Lager|440ml|4.3%
Rustic Lager brewed with Pilsner Malt, Spelt Malt, Flaked Oats, and hopped with Mandarina Bavaria and Saaz. Mandarina Bavaria & Saaz

Setting Sun

Double IPA featuring El Dorado, Citra and Bru-1, alongside a sizeable portion of oat and wheat for maximum creaminess and fluffiness. Full of lychee, apricot, watermelon and pineapple flavour and...

Double Geléhallon Smoojee

Smoothie Sour|330ml|8%
Friends Company

Blue Ghosts

Our year-round pils has a new look in a 330ml can! Still the same crispy, crushable lager, with citrus and herbal notes. 

Morning Afterglow

Oatmeal Stout|440ml|6.7%
We sat down at the drawing board a while ago and discussed what we'd all like in a special winter stout. We agreed that fresh coffee on a winter's morning...
Galway Bay

Brewers At Play #35

Belgian Blonde|440ml|6%
With No.35 our journey brings us to one of the most traditional beer cultures of all. The character and personality of this malt-forward Belgian Blonde is determined by a distinctive...

The Dark Druid

Pastry Stout|330ml|5.5%
The first of our Dark Druid pastry stout range, this sweet and rich pastry stout is brewed with Atlantic sea salt and decadent caramel, balanced with sweet rich chocolate on...
The White Hag

Yule (2023)

Christmas Ale|330ml|6.8%
Anchored around the Winter Solstice on December 21st, Yule represented the death and rebirth of the Sun. Lugh was the infamous Sun God who would die annually to be reborn...
The White Hag


Milk Stout|330ml|6.5%
The Mochaccino Milk Stout is a rich and luxurious creamy, milk stout, brewed with chocolate, coffee and vanilla to replicate the famous Mocha Latte coffee.A proper breakfast beer.Expect an intense...
The White Hag


BA Strong Ale|500ml|7.2%
Kismet is a barrel-aged strong ale that we brewed back in 2020 and subsequently aged in bourbon barrels. Kismet was inspired by a beer that Mark brewed as a homebrewer...


West Coast IPA|440ml|6%
Pale golden, crisp, and generously hopped Zephyr is a West Coast IPA packed with grapefruit, citrus and pine notes. This beer finishes dry with a satisfying bitterness. This beer is...

Heart Of Chambers

Double Porter|440ml|7.1%
Heart of Chambers is a Double Coffee & Oatmeal Porter brewed using all the bells and whistles our equipment can deliver to take viscosity and texture to new heights while...

Dot Brew Box

Glass Set|16 Cans & Glass
This box contains:  2x Alto DIPA I 2x Wit A Twist Witbier I 2x Bad Behaviour Micro IPA I 2x Way West West Coast IPA I 2x Oak Red Ale I 2x Loose Session IPA I 2x Go Go IPA...
Dot Brew

ALLoroso Pack

Glass Set|4 Bottles & Glass
This box contains:  1x Oloroso Madeira Single Malt Finish (BA Barley Wine) 1x Oloroso Riesling Single Malt Finish (BA Barley Wine) 1x Oloroso Ruby Port Single Malt Finish (BA Barley Wine) 1x Oloroso Rum...
Dot Brew

Dot AF Gift Pack

AF Beer Gift|6 cans
This gift contains:  3x Dot Brew - Non-Alcoholic IPA || 3x Dot Brew - Non-Alcoholic Fruit Ale ***Packed in a lovely DOT BREW branded gift box as displayed.
Dot Brew

Beer Cocktail: Strawberry Mojito

Beer Cocktail|500ml|5.4%
With a crisp and clean beer base, the Strawberry Mojito is infused with the sweet and tangy flavors of ripe strawberries, zesty lime, and cooling mint. The result is a...
Nova Runda

Green Machine

In the hop-filled fields, a tale unfolds, Where greed and need clash, as the story goes. A green machine, relentless and blind, Seeks profits vast, but leaves a trail behind....
Nova Runda

Top Manager

Hazy Pale|500ml|5.3%
Mosaic, Citra and Styrian Wolf are fruity ingredients in this New England pale ale. Modern twist to classic American pale ale, Top Manager is your Summer Go-To beer!
Nova Runda


IPA made with 4 hops. Chinook, Citra, Centennial and Cascade.
Nova Runda


American Pale Ale
Nova Runda

Triple Hophead

They say jump and you say how high? Whit this one, the sky is the limit! Styrian trio of hops - Styrian Kolibri, Styrian Bobek, and Styrian Celeia will make...
Nova Runda

Capturing Mercury

IPA TH+|440ml|6.5%
We partnered our base IPA recipe with our new Thiolised yeast strain to bring you a super fruity, soft & hazy IPA. Galaxy & Strata combine to create a cocktail...
Track Brewing & WHC Labs