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Grand Cru

Belgian Quadrupel|330ml|10.5%
Dark in colour, with a brownish and creamy head, the Grand Cru is a rich, whole and powerful beer with a delicious long aftertaste. There are complex and surprisingly sweet...

Frost Proof

White Ale|355ml|6%
Citrus, spice, and effervescence each share a place in the sunshine inside this Belgian-Style White Ale brewed with orange peel, coriander, and wheat. Inspired by the finest witbiers of Belgium,...
Cigar City


Belgian Blond|440ml|5.1%
Belgian Blond Ale

Belga Búza

Belgian style witbier from the core range
HopTop Brewery


Belgian Tripel|330ml|9%
It is the result of a long fermentation, scrupulously monitored by the master brewer, with a deep and supple bitterness to the taste buds. We will recognize a naturally flavored hop...

Passion Punch

Passion Fruit infused Belgian Witbier.
HopTop Brewery

Devil's Ladder

Belgian Tripel|440ml|11.5%
Irish Munro Series #6: Belgian Tripel aged in sherry casks.The beer is pale gold, with a gentle Belgian yeast profile: think soft bananas esters, cloves and spice. We finish it...
Eight Degrees

Never Cursed

A 4.1% Grisette brewed with Saaz and H. Blanc hops, using Pilsner, Wheat, and Oats.

Oro De Calabaza

Belgian Strong|473ml|8%
Brewed in the Franco-Belgian tradition of strong golden ales. Spicy and peppery with a gentle hop bouquet and the beguiling influence of wild yeast.
Jolly Pumpkin

Bam Bière

Farmhouse Ale|473ml|4.5%
An artisan farmhouse ale that is golden, naturally cloudy, bottle conditioned and dry hopped for a perfectly refreshing balance of spicy malts, hops and yeast.
Jolly Pumpkin

The Herd (2020)

The Herd brings together 9 freshly emptied ex-Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels filled with our Belgian inspired Quad Ale. Lead by its depth of malt character with a touch of caramel,...
€16.49 €22.49
Rye River

Bam Noire

Dark Farmhouse|473ml|4.5%
Dark, smooth, delicious. Aromas of worn leather and cool autumn nights. Notes of sweet plum and toasted raisin, hints of coffee and cacao. Lingering tart and refreshing finish. Only available...
Jolly Pumpkin


Belgian Blonde|330ml|6%
This fresh and light beer, moderately alcoholic, is drunk as an aperitif, during a meal or as a digestive. The initial freshness will be followed by a pleasant and bitter character...

Oude Geuze Brett-Elle

Oude Geuze, Traditional unfiltered blend of home-brewed lambics, from spontaneous fermentation. Made with different vintages of lambic, aged in oak barrels.
Lambiek Fabriek

Organic Geuze Natur-Elle

Organic Geuze from home-brewed organic lambics, with refermentation in the bottle. This unique blend of different vintages is completely organic, pure, unfiltered and not pasteurised.
Lambiek Fabriek

Piè Veloce Lambicus

Wild Ale|375ml|7.4%
Barrel aged Brett Ale - Brettanomyces Lambicus and english hops.  Fermented and aged in barrels with Lambicus strain.The worth is made with pale malt, rye and unmalted wheat
Ca' Del Brado

Nonsangio (2020)

Wild Ale|375ml|8.3%
Spontaneous co-fermentation of beer wort, wild grapes and biodynamic Sangiovese grap.
Cantina Errante

Sinister Man

Belgian Dark|473ml|10%
Pouring a deep orange-brown, this beer has tasting notes of dark stone fruit, subtle vanilla, toffee, & figs. Light-medium body.
Evil Twin

Double Double

Belgian Dubbel|473ml|6.4%
Pouring a deep mahogany with an fluffy head, this classic style has tasting notes of ester, banana bread, clementine peel, & finish with a subtle sourdough aroma.
Evil Twin

Retro Series: Monk Suffers Serious Sugar Rush On Barbados

Belgian Dark|473ml|8%
Evil Twin

Juicy & Wild Muscar-Elle

Second batch, with more grapes than the first batch. Lambic matured with Belgian Muscaris grapes. Bottled on November 2020.Unique unfiltered blend of home-brewed lambic, from spontaneous fermentation, aged in oak...
Lambiek Fabriek

Young & Wild Fontan-Elle

Specific, unfiltered blend of home-brewed lambic, from spontaneous fermentation, aged in oak barrels. This blend consists of lambics of +/- 2 years old and are selected for their specific aroma.
Lambiek Fabriek

Juicy & Wild Black-Belle

Lambic|750ml |7%
Unique unfiltered blend of home-brewed lambic, from spontaneous fermentation, aged in oak barrels. The lambic has a maceration with the black currant
Lambiek Fabriek