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Together We'll Find Your Monster Soul

Double West Coast Rye IPA |440ml|7.7%
Double West Coast Rye Ipa collab with our friends at Hoppy People (CH).
Mad Scientist & Hoppy People

K-Pop Star

GF DIPA |440ml |8.8%
Gluten-free single hop DIPA with Columbus, the abv is a bit higher than POPSTAR and we're thrilled to release a one-off version of our core range gluten-free IPA.
Mad Scientist

Hotline Bling

Sour Ale With Banana, Coconut And Cocoa.
Mad Scientist

Rákóczi Túrós

Imperial Pastry Gose|330ml |10%
Imperial Pastry Gose With Apricot and Vanilla.
Mad Scientist

Roasters Paradise Kianderi - Kenya

Imperial Stout|330ml|13%
Collab with CASINO MOCCA.
Mad Scientist

Cola O

Following the footsteps of APPLE O Green Apple Sour Candy Braggot and CHERRY O Sour Cherry Candy Braggot here is COLA O Sour Cola Candy Braggot.
Mead Scientist

Strawberry O

Following the footsteps of APPLE O Green Apple Sour Candy Braggot, CHERRY O Sour Cherry Candy Braggot and so, we're proud to present maybe the smoothest and crazies release ever...
Mead Scientist

Old King Clancy (2022)

Maple Syrup Barleywine|330ml|10.5%
Maple Syrup Barleywine.
Mad Scientist

Repo Man

Imperial Stout|330ml |11%
Smoky & Tart Imperial Stout brewed with Plums and Green & Black Cardamom."A Repo Man spends his life getting into tense situations."
Mad Scientist

Phat Boi

Imperial Stout|330ml|11.5%
4 bean imperial stout with Tonka Beans, Cocoa, Coffee and Vanilla.
Mad Scientist

Tiny Barrel Project: Spiritlord Rum

Imperial Stout|330ml |12.5%
SPIRITLORD Imperial Stout With Sour Cherry premiered in 2022 and after more than 13 months, we are proudly announcing its barrel-aged version which happens to be a start of a...
Mad Scientist

Never Ending Trails

BA Belgian Quadruple|500ml|11.5%
MAD SCIENTIST BARREL PROJECT Team Series BalázsRye Bourbon Barrel-Aged Quadruple With Roasted Nuts And Dried ApricotCELLAR MASTER NOTESYou are now holding a precious, secret potion in your hand, the kind...
Mad Scientist

Gods Of Joy

BA Belgian Quadruple|500ml |11.5%
MAD SCIENTIST BARREL PROJECTDouble BA Quadruple Aged In Bourbon And Tokaji Aszú Sweet Wine BarrelsCELLAR MASTER NOTESQueen of beers, king of wines, divine vibesThe clash of two very different barrels...
Mad Scientist


BA Imperial Pastry Stout|500ml|10.7%
MAD SCIENTIST BARREL PROJECTJamaican And Cuban Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Pastry Stout With Plum, Apple, Walnut And Poppy SeedsCELLAR MASTER NOTESAs we roll further down the road to total madness...
Mad Scientist

Raspberry & Funk

Farmhouse Ale|375ml|5.7%
Funky Farmhouse Ale With Raspberries.

New York Moccacino

Milk Stout|440ml|6.6%
The goal was to create a milk stout that has the taste and complexity similar to an Imperial stout, while being smooth and easy to drink. New York Moccacino is...
Mad Scientist

Mango Bay

Milkshake Pale|440ml|5.2%
Our signature milkshake pale ale. In and outside of Hungary, if you say Mad Scientist, this is the first beer that comes to people's mind since 2016. Beyond the sweetness,...
Mad Scientist


GF IPA|440ml|6%
Gluten-free single hop Citra IPAThere's no biz, like showbiz. A super-nice single hop citra IPA from the MAD SCIENTIST core range that can easily be enjoyed even if you don't...
Mad Scientist


It's all about the balance of hops, malts and yeast. Jam52 is a modern American pale ale carrying all the fruitiness of the IPA with lower alcohol and easier drinkability....
Mad Scientist

Ticket To Anywhere (2020)

Flanders Red|375ml|6.5%
Wine Barrel Aged Flanders Red Ale with Sour Cherries
Mad X