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Liquid Cocaine

A mug of this beer contains 10 grams of hops, and the alcohol content of two shots of tequila. This beer doesn’t want to meet your requirements. This beer doesn’t...
Mad Scientist

Improvised Morals

Smoothie Berliner|330ml|4.9%
Smoothie Style Berliner Weisse w/ Mango, Ginger, Yuzu, Curcuma & Coriander Seeds
€3.49 €4.35
Mad Scientist

Black Lines

Black DIPA|440ml|9%
Mad Scientist

Mango Bay

Milkshake Pale|440ml|5.2%
Our signature milkshake pale ale. In and outside of Hungary, if you say Mad Scientist, this is the first beer that comes to people's mind since 2016. Beyond the sweetness,...
Mad Scientist

Dark Horse Of Tonka

Nitro Stout|440ml|7.3%
DARK HORSE OF TONKA nitro stout with tonka beans 7.3% is the 4th release of our new nitro stout series.1) SHAKE FIRST2) POUR HARD3) ENJOY THE SILKINESS
Mad Scientist

Strawberry Cranachan

Bochet Braggot With Strawberry And Vanilla collab with the always amazing Overtone (SCO) during BPBW Budapest Beer Week 2022
Mead Scientist & Overtone

New York Moccacino

Milk Stout|440ml|6.6%
The goal was to create a milk stout that has the taste and complexity similar to an Imperial stout, while being smooth and easy to drink. New York Moccacino is...
Mad Scientist

QDH Madhouse

QDH Hazy IPA|440ml|6.1%
After MADHOUSE and DDH MADHOUSE we're presenting QDH MADHOUSE for the 2nd birthday of Madhouse Budapest Craft Beer Bar & Bistro!
Mad Scientist

Cherry O

CHERRY O Sour Cherry Candy Braggot
Mead Scientist

Dark Horse Of Coffee

Nitro Stout|440ml|6.7%
DARK HORSE OF COFFEE nitro stout with coffee beans 6.7% the 3rd release of our new nitro stout series!1) SHAKE FIRST2) POUR HARD3) ENJOY THE SILKINESS
Mad Scientist

Tokyo Lemonade

Belgian Witbier|440ml|4.2%
Easy to drink, hard to resist, but let the name be your guide. We wanted to highlight the inimitable character of Yuzu as much as possible in beer. The basic...
Mad Scientist


West Coast IPA|440ml|7.2%
Jam72 is a sneaky IPA you keep smelling and sipping until you get drunk. Freedom, festival feeling and music in beer. Thanks to the enormous amount of American hops, our...
Mad Scientist

DDH Madhouse

DDH IPA|440ml|5.5%
Round bodied, but not heavy. Creamy, but not sweet. Full of juices, but dry in the finish.
Mad Scientist

Happy Accident

Smoothie Berliner|330ml|4.9%
Smoothie Style Berliner Weisse w/ Passion Fruit, Orange, Pineapple
Mad Scientist


GF IPA|440ml|6%
Gluten-free single hop Citra IPAThere's no biz, like showbiz. A super-nice single hop citra IPA from the MAD SCIENTIST core range that can easily be enjoyed even if you don't...
Mad Scientist

Candy Man

Imperial Stout|330ml|11.5%
Imperial Stout With Marshmallows And Tonka Beans
Mad Scientist

Nasty Riff

Imperial Stout|330ml|14%
Mexican Cake Inspired Imperial Stout collab with Adroit Theory (USA)
Mad Scientist & Adroit Theory

I'm In Love With Coco

Belgian Dubbel|500ml|6.3%
Coconut Infused Breakfast Dubbel
Mad Scientist

High On Flower

DDH Hazy Braggot collab with Cloudwater Brew Co.
Mead Scientist & Cloudwater

Memphis Mafia

Imperial Stout|330ml|12.2%
Imperial Risalamande Pastry Stout with Sour Cherry, Almond & Vanilla
Mad Scientist

Guilty Tendencies

Oatmeal Stout|330ml|6.4%
Dry Hopped Oatmeal Stout
Mad Scientist

Szilvás Gombóc

Pastry Sour|330ml|10%
Plum dumpling imperial pastry sour ale.
Mad Scientist

Monkey Temple

Bavarian Weizenbier|440ml|4.6%
Vanilla filling the emtiness in the middle of the sip that is quite common when it comes to Bavarian Wheat beer. Perhaps the most important part of this style is...
Mad Scientist


It's all about the balance of hops, malts and yeast. Jam52 is a modern American pale ale carrying all the fruitiness of the IPA with lower alcohol and easier drinkability....
Mad Scientist

Dovahkiin (2022)

BA Imperial Stout|500ml|12.9%
Islay Whisky Barrel-aged Smoky Imperial Milk Stout With Habanero ChilliesAs a dragon shout, this monstrous release arrives with smoke and fire and leaves no tastebuds untouched. When we brewed this...
Mad Scientist

Deer Friends

Fruited & Tart Chocolate Mint Berry Stout brewed together with our friends Bence and Anna of naïlo brewing co.
Mad Scientist & naïlo brewing

Identity Enhancer

Smoothie Berliner|440ml|5%
Smoothie Style Berliner Weisse w/ pear, chokeberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, blackberry, elderberry, cacao nibs & coconut yogurt.
Mad Scientist

Smooth Hoperator Supreme

Kveik DIPA|440ml|8.1%
DDH Kveik DIPA, following the footsteps of Smooth Hoperator and Double Hoperator
Mad Scientist

Happy Finish: Cognac (2022)

BA Imperial Stout|500ml|11%
Double Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Aged In Scotch And Cognac Barrels In this bottle, you can find the beautiful harmony of scotch and cognacAs mentioned before, good things come in...
Mad Scientist

Redcurrant Salmiakki Trifle

Pastry Sour|330ml|9.5%
There's this thing about licorice that you either like or you don't. You can say it's that weird tingling at the end of the sip. We think its cool. You...
Mad Scientist


Rice Lager|500ml|4.8%
Japanese Pink Rice Lager with Jasmine Rice and Black Rice
Mad Scientist

Double Rainbow All the Way Across the Sky

Double Fruited Sour Ale With Guava, Cactus Fig & Lime collab with our friends at Stigbergets.
Mad Scientist & Stigbergets

Paper Planes

Double Fruited Sour Ale With Orange, Lemon Balm And Jasmine
Mad Scientist

Erlenmeyer Bong

DH Saison|500ml|6.2%
NZ Dry Hopped New Wave Saison with our friends at ARPUS BREWING from Latvia
Mad Scientist & Ārpus

Mad Duo

Gifts|2 Bottles
What's in the box: 1x Botanical Roots (2021) 750ml | 1x Nothing To Lose 375ml
Mad X