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Portrait Of Perfection

Our collab vol.2 with Hopfully crew! Super refreshing summer sour packed with Blueberries, Blackberries & Raspberries.  Awarded with a gold medal for Ireland on World Beer Awards this year!
€2.65 €3.15
CraftCentral.ie & Hopfully

Púca Berry Hibiscus & Ginger

A tart and refreshing wheat beer brewed with oats, lemon peel, ginger and coriander.The flavour and aroma are dominated by fresh citrus and hibiscus notes. Beautifully balanced acidity, with an...
The White Hag
Crack Open A cold one


Mixed Berry Sour
Wicklow Wolf

Strawberry Pie

Berliner Weisse|330ml|4%
Berliner Weisse with LOADS of real strawberry, raspberry and lemon, with a hint of biscuity vanilla.If you are rating this beer, you need to rate this beer in the category...

American Pie

Berliner Weisse|330ml|4%
A Berliner Weisse with LOADS of jammy blackberries that dominate this slice of Mum’s pie, supported by tart raspberries and a hint of black currants. The finish is full-on smooth...

Pango Sour

Berliner Weisse|330ml|4.2%
A Berliner Weisse version of our beloved IPA. It is clean and fresh, with tart pineapple at the forefront, supported by passionfruit and sweet mango.


Berliner Weisse|330ml|4.7%
A Berliner Weisse packed with Nordic berry goodness, refreshing, tart and easy drinking. Lingonberry and cranberry add freshness and structure while sweet cherry and blackcurrant soften the mouthfeel and linger...

BA Imperial Sour (Tangerine & Chocolate)

BA Imperial Sour|330ml|9.3%
Barrel aged imperial sour with tangerine and chocolate, and a little bit of vanilla.

Salty Lemon

Berliner Weisse|330ml|4.7%
This Berliner Weisse started its life as a Proto beer: 4 kegs for festivals only, but it was love at first taste! We just had to brew more. The base...

Black Forest

BA Sour|330ml|9.9%
Aged in the red wine barrels of BOCK winery. A beautiful dark sour ale made with strawberry, cherry and vanilla.

Passionate Beet

Berliner Weisse|330ml|6%
A refreshing Berliner Weisse with passionfruit; tart and tropical, and beetroot; which adds a hint of sweetness alongside its characteristic deliciously earthy notes

Cherry Moon

Cherry and Vanilla Sour
The Wild Beer

Papa Don't Peach

Pastry Sour|440ml|5.2%
We were delighted to welcome our friends Jopen from Haarlem, Netherlands to brew something special. Papa Don't Peach is a lip smacking tropical sour brewed with peach, apricot and mango....
Wicklow Wolf & Jopen


Floresta is the latest in our range of exciting, lip-smacking, sours. Brewed with blackcurrant, blackberry and raspberry it’s created to be a perfect spring offering. It pours with a tantalising...
€2.99 €4.75

There Gose The Seawater Pipe

This gose was brewed originally at BRUS in collaboration with Saltverk. This rebrew in Svinninge has some small adjustments, but the main flavors are lemon, arctic thyme, and sea salt. 
To Øl & Saltverk


Sour IPA|330ml|5.1%
Sour IPA dry-hopped with Citra.   Citra

Thomas (Gelato: Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte)

Gelato Sour|500ml|5.5%
This beer is part of our Wolrd Cup series, created to celebrate the living legends of the most beautiful game. Thomas is a Gelato made with fellow sport-fanatics from Germany:...
Funky Fluid & Sudden Death


Berliner Weisse|330ml|4.7%
A Berliner Weisse with a big mouthfeel. The flavour is first dominated by ripe raspberries, but the finish is full on fresh grapefruit, tangy with a hint of bitterness.

Mazagran Inspired Sour Ale (Sour Series)


Pineapple Pie

Berliner Weisse|330ml|4%
We can't get enough pie! More pie for the people! This time we have combined the tropical sweetness of pineapple and coconut to bring you a softer berliner weisse, with...

Flamingo Juice

Gose with Mango, Black Pepper and a little salt.

Sour Bikini (2022 Long Island Sound Edition)

Sour IPA|473ml|4%
Evil Twin CT

Canadian Breakfast

Our first collaboration with our friends from the Canadian Category12 Brewing is a sour ale made with blueberry, cranberry, maple syrup reselmbling the perfect Canadian breakfast. Thanks to the added...
Horizont & Category 12

Passion Tang

We fermented an oat rich sour ale with our house ale yeast, then added brettanomyces trois in the secondary fermentation along with passion fruit.Grains of paradise were also into the...

Sour Smash

A mixed-fermented sour built with pale Wheat & Pilsner malt. Triple fermented with 120g/per litre of Raspberry & Sour Cherry.
Dot Brew

Juniper & Juice

Nice and refreshing sour ale made with blood orange and calamansi, juniper berries, coriander, rosemary, kaffir lime leaves.

Dumb Fruit 19

Blending tangerine, Concord grape, fig leaves, & honey drops for the 19th edition.
€7.49 €11.49
Evil Twin

Alvaro (Gelato: Bizcocho)

Gelato Sour|500ml|5.5%
This beer is part of our World Cup series, created to celebrate the living legends of the most beautiful game. Alvaro is a Gelato created with titans of the Spanish...
Funky Fluid & Basqueland

In Fructus Veritas

Sour Ale brewed with Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Mango, Banana & Milk Sugar.
Evil Twin


Barcelona Weisse|330ml|4%
Play the hits they said. Well here they are. A low abv, refreshing summer sour that combines two fan favourite fruits: raspberry and passion fruit. Our usual gluten free base...
Garage Beer

Dream Glüwein Smoojee

Smoothie Sour|330ml|4.7%
Smoothie sour gose with blueberry, blackcurrant, blackberry & glühwein spices.
Friends Company

Gelato: Purple Fluff

Ice Cream Sour|500ml|5.5%
Gelato is a series of sweet & sour beers inspired by the intense Italian ice cream flavours. Purple Fluff is a mix of our trusted bananas and marshmallow with juneberries...
Funky Fluid

Bianca Strawberry Lassi Gose

Building further on the original version of our popular Bianca series. Bianca Strawberry Lassi Gose is full of strawberries, rock salt and milk sugar. Fully fermented to offer a balance...

Cherry Giveaway

Berliner Weisse|500ml|4.3%
Cherry & Lemon Berliner Weisse
Magic Road

Púca Lemon

A mixed fermentation beer, brewed with our house cultivated wild yeasts. Moderately tart with a crisp, intensely refreshing finish. Aromas of lemon and citrusy hops. Flavour is reminiscent of fresh...
The White Hag

Piña Colada Sherbet

Brewed with pineapple, coconut, & a teeeeeny bit of cherry.
Evil Twin NYC