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Tropical Sour|440ml|4%
Solstice is a refreshing, lip smacking, tropical fruited sour packed full of juicy Mango, Peach and Apricot. Pouring a golden orange hue reminiscent of the Summer sun, Solstice whisks you...
Wicklow Wolf

All The Moments

Triple Fruited Sour|440ml|6%
A massive amount of juicy Mango and creamy Banana work in harmony against a backdrop of sour Mandarin and citrus notes, which create a wave of tropical flavours alongside a...
Track & Great Notion
Crack Open A cold one

Compelling Argument

Imperial BCN Weisse|440ml|7.5%
This is one of our favourite sours that we have done in recent years so we thought it was well worth a revisit. This is a delicious dessert style sour...
Garage Beer Co.

Ich Bin Raspberry

Berliner Weisse|330ml|3.7%
Pours an eye-catching ruby red with big aromas of raspberry jam and wheat. Flavors of raspberry with contrasting tartness and sweetness. Light wheat flavor backbone.

Pink Vapor Stew

A tropical medley of citrus, sour, and tart flavors blended together originally for our 21st anniversary party. Citra and Belma hops combine with beets, carrots, ginger, and apples turning this...
Ska Brewing


Session Sour|440ml|4.1%
Juicy pineapple steals the spotlight here, and we let the fruit speak for itself in this ultra refreshing session sour.It’s sweet, tangy, and totally tropical.
Vault City


This Sour Ale was brewed with Farm Fresh Wilson, NC Strawberries, Chamomile, Lemon, and Marshmallows.This is a collab with our friends at Deans Farm Market, right here in Wilson, NC!
Casita Brewing

Very Mango

Berliner Weisse|440ml|5%
Double Fruited Berliner Weisse With Mango
Mad Scientist

Hostile Intent

Tart Fruit Ale|473ml|5%
Tart Fruit Ale • 5% ABV • The Invader makes contact in this Tart Wheat ale brewed and conditioned with intergalactic starfruit and beams of bright kiwi!Kettle-soured for a sinister...
€8.00 €10.75
Bottle Logic

Bath Bomb (Mango, Guava & Tangerine)

This beer is like a love letter to the ultimate drunk brunch. Crack open a can of this summer-time delight and you’ll be trading in your mimosa for this bad...
Fifth Frame

Bistro Pineapple & Lime Habanero

Berliner Weisse|473ml|6.5%
Heavily fruited Berliner-style weisse beer with pineapple, lime & habanero added after fermentation.
Energy City

Bistro Orangealicious

Berliner Weisse|473ml|6.5%
Berliner-style weisse beer with oranges and vanilla added after fermentation.
Energy City

Drippy Popsicle (Strawberry, Vanilla & Marshmallow)

Smoothie Sour|473ml|5.5%
Fruited Smoothie Sour with Strawberry, Vanilla & Marshmallow

Naked Lollipop: Cara Cara Orange, Pineapple & Coconut

Sour Ale|473ml|7.2%
Froth Brewing Co.

Schmoojee: Black & Blue Parfait

Smoothie Sour|473ml|6.5%
This ice cream parfait smoothie is packed with blueberries and blackberries.
Imprint Beer Co.

Schmoojee Shcoops: Banana Cookies & Cream

Smoothie Sour|473ml|6.5%
Rich bananas meet an ice cream parlor inventory of cookies and cream ice cream, this is decadent, thick and rich.
Imprint Beer Co.

Schmoojee: Moon

Smoothie Sour|473ml|6.5%
Schmoojee Moon is a hard smoothie with Blackberry, Blueberry, Black Cherry & Dark Chocolate.
Imprint Beer Co.


Sour Ale|473ml|7%
This Fruit Smoothie Sour blends strawberry, tangerine, and banana together to form just one of this monster’s many heads. Keep your eyes peeled for even more flavor combinations.

Tiny Esses

Sour Ale|355ml|5.5%
Sour ale with Skittles
Prairie Artisan Ales

Vape Tricks

Sour Ale|355ml|5.9%
Sour ale aged on cherries
Prairie Artisan Ales

Imperial Notorious P.O.G.

Berliner Weisse|355ml|8%
P.O.G. stands for the fruit ingredients used: passionfruit, orange, and guava. These flavors blend harmoniously into a tropical character and refreshing finish.
€4.49 €5.50
Stone Brewing


Berliner Weisse|330ml|4.7%
Fruited with Dragonfruit, Passionfruit & Lemon

Yuzu Artsy Jonas, Really You Are...

Berliner Weisse|330ml|4.7%
Fruited Berliner Wiesse with Yuzu & Pineapple

Cognas Itchy Passions

Berliner Weisse|330ml|4.7%
Fruited with Lychee & Passionfruit

Double Smoojee Dark Berry

Smoothie Sour|330ml|8%
Double Smoothie Sour Gose jam-packed with Blueberry, Blackberry & Blackcurrant. And a nice touch of Sea salt.
Friends Company

Sour 12 Blackcurrant

New addition to our fruited sour range will strike you with intense amount of Blackcurrant and higher acidity. A great companion for the first sunny days.

Sour 12 Passion Fruit

We love sours! Sour Passion fruit is our first sour ale. We brewed it using the classic Kettle Souring method, in which lactobacilli are added to the beer in front...


Crisp, refreshing and distinct. Tart, mineral and dry with notes of Pineapple & Citrus
The Garden Brewery

Cloudy Lemonade

Session Sour|440ml|4.2%
An evolution of, in our humble opinion, one of the best session sours we’ve ever made. This tart and refreshing Cloudy Lemonade is bursting with citrus flavours from fresh lemon...
Vault City


Catharina Sour|440ml|5%
Catharina sour, what's that I hear you say. This is a style of beer that emerged in Brazil in the early years of their craft beer revolution. Brazil has a...
Galway Bay & Rascals

Fruit Smooch: Lime, Cherry & Raspberry

Smoothie Sour|440ml|5.5%
Smoothie sour made with 500 g/l of Lime, Raspberry and Sweet Cherry.
€4.50 €6.75

Raindrop 0.5

AF Sour|330ml|0.5%
Endangered Species Series No. 39. A a non alcoholic mixed berry sour brewed with raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Raindrop 0.5: Pouring a vibrant magenta colour and is jam packed with...
Wicklow Wolf

All In Bamboo

Barcelona Weisse|440ml|5.5%
Finally the return leg of a collab with Croatia's finest, The Garden Brewery. And it's a cracker. A wheat heavy base beer received a steeping of aromatic Earl Grey tea...
Garage Beer & The Garden

Lowmotion Pink

AF Sour|330ml|0.3%
Non-alcoholic beer brewed with Dragon Fruit, Lychee and Hibiscus.
To Øl

Raspberry Liquorice Vanilla Sorbet

Berliner Weisse|330ml|6%
A Berliner Weisse with great balance, a little sweetness from vanilla, lots of tart fresh raspberry, and salty liquorice to top it off! It is thick and heavy and fresh...

Pineapple & Strawberry Dream Smoojee

Smoothie Sour|330ml|4.7%
Smoothie Sour Gose jam-packed with Pineapple & Strawberry. And a good amount of Sea salt.
Friends Company