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Bohemian Pilsner

Bohemians are creative dreamers who defy convention. Our Bohemian Pilsner is just that, an unorthodox lager with complex biscuity malt, soft rounded bitnerness and a twist of spice from the...
Eight Degrees

Organic Pilsner 45 Days

You don’t rush a good Pilsner. Letting it ferment & mature slowly means crisp, delicate flavours. That’s why we take 45 days to make ours.
To Øl

Ice Cold Pilsner

The only pilsner you need in your life. Slightly hoppy, infinitely refreshing!

Solo Pilsner

A super crisp, clean crushable pils. Plenty lagering time, bright as a button!
Dot Brew

Lost Lager

This planet first German-style Pilsner is a 4.5% lager brewed using wind power, a third less water, and would-be waste bread in the malt bill. The addition of Select, Spalter...

Blue Ghosts

Our year-round pils has a new look in a 330ml can! Still the same crispy, crushable lager, with citrus and herbal notes. 

30 Days Italian Pilsner

This Italian Pilsner was brewed true to style - grassy and herbal from the hops, balanced with subtle complexity from a very light dry hop. It has a distinct bitterness,...
To Øl

Organic Pilsner

Organic Pils|440ml|4.1%
Originally brewed in 2010. Revived in 2018, and again in 2022 as 'Organic Pilsner'. Occasionally rebadged as a house beer.
Galway Hooker


GF Pilsner|330ml|4.5%
Gluten free pilsner.

Mill Pils

Farmhouse Pilsner|440ml|5.5%
Pilsner fermented at 12c for 2 months with 34/70 yeast and double dry hopped with earthy and spicy Hallertauer Mittelfruh and Saaz Italian style with some of our house yeast...
Wide Street

Quad-Decocted Pilsner (Winter Affair Gossip)

This lager is not double decocted, neither is it triple decocted. It's a quadruple decocted pilsner\. With the Swedish brewery Omnipollo, we have brewed a lager that will surprise you...
Zichovec & Omnipollo


Czech Pilsner|440ml|5%
Unfiltered Czech PilsnerThis unfiltered, naturally carbonated lager is brewed with German Pilsner malt along with Saaz and Hallertau Mittlefrüh hops before being cold conditioned for 30 days. Crisp, clean and...

DDH New Zealand Kölsch (Winter Affair Gossip)

Mocking beer styles to their faces is not our standard modus operandi, but when Leeds brewery Northern Monk came to the Czech Republic, there was virtually no other option. After...
Zichovec & Northern Monk

Forgot To Take My Pils

AF Pils|440ml|0.5%
When it came to creating our core lager, we knew we wanted to do something different. That’s why Forgot to Take My Pils is just as refreshing and drinkable as...
Below Brew Co

Fragrant & Refreshing (Good Enough To Take Home To Yer Ma)

Fragrant and refreshing pilsner-style. Good enough to take home to your Ma.
Modest Beer

Sweet As #2 NZ Pils

NZ Pilsner|440ml|5%
This New Zealand Pils is made with 100% Belgian Pilsner malt and New Zealand grown Motueka & Riwaka hops. A crisp & refreshing lager, with the unmistakable fruity fingerprint of...
Modest Beer

Infinite Machine

Pours pale straw-gold in the glass with clean white foam. Classic noble-hop notes of herbal spice & bright citrus, with subtle bread-dough malt and crisp, clean bitterness on the finish....

Double-Decoction Spalter Select Pilsner

Double-Decoction Spalter Select Pilsner.
Arpus Brewing

French Radio

STORY:The essence of collaboration…Is being on the same wavelength. That’s how it is with Return and Cantina Cantina—and that’s why we’re stoked to bring you our second synced-up beer.INGREDIENT SPOTLIGHT:Barba...
Return & Cantina Cantina


A classic crisp German style pilsner. It is dry, with a clear bitterness from German hops, as well as herbal and grassy notes. Unfiltered, unpasteurized.

Sun Spots

West Coast Pilsner|440ml|5.2%
Sun Spots is a crisp, refreshing, hop forward West Coast Pilsner. With a hop combination of Citra, Mosaic & Idaho 7 it's both crushable & full of bright flavours. Thanks...
Outer Place Brewing

Yuzu Pils

We’ve collaborated with our friends Kaapse Brouwers from Rotterdam for our fifth special edition release of 2024 and another in our 10th birthday collab series. Your search for a super...
Rascals & Kaapse Brouwers