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Modern Pils|330ml|5%
A refreshing, pale golden pilsner with a perfectly balanced clean taste. With heaps of Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops and fine German malts, we achieved the floral, herbal, spicy bite, and smooth...

Bohemian Pilsner

Bohemians are creative dreamers who defy convention. Our Bohemian Pilsner is just that, an unorthodox lager with complex biscuity malt, soft rounded bitnerness and a twist of spice from the...
Eight Degrees


A true northern German Style Pilsner that's been lagered over 50 days. We start with 100% reverse osmosis water, adding in only the necessary minerals that allow us to achieve...
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Garage Beer

45 Days Organic Pilsner

You don’t rush a good Pilsner. Letting it ferment & mature slowly means crisp, delicate flavours. That’s why we take 45 days to make ours.
To Øl

Toto Sorachi

Italian Pils|440ml|4.9%
Toto Sorachi is brewed with Pilsner malt, Sorachi Ace hops for bittering and German hops Huell Melon and Ariana for flavour and aroma. Fermented cold, dry hopped and then slowly...
Wicklow Wolf

Solo Pilsner

A super crisp, clean crushable pils. Plenty lagering time, bright as a button!
Dot Brew

Oak Conditioned Pilsner

Conditioned on French & American Oak Cubes. Bright / Dry & Refreshing with a citrus twist.
Dot Brew

Lost Lager

This planet first German-style Pilsner is a 4.5% lager brewed using wind power, a third less water, and would-be waste bread in the malt bill. The addition of Select, Spalter...

Counter Culture

Modern Pils|440ml|4.9%
Clean and crisp modern style pilsner, lightly hopped with American Lorien and German Saaz.
Third Barrel

Blue Ghosts

It’s been a while since we banged out a lager and we’ve made no secret that we’re fans of hop forward crispy boiis so we present Blue Ghosts: a German...

Bohemian Pils

Our Bohemian-style Lager has a subtle malt base, balanced with noble hop bitterness and the signature taste of Czech Saaz hops giving it a spicy, earthy aroma,finishing with a clean,...
Farringtons Brewery


Witness is a double dry hopped pils, with some notes of orange peel and even a hint of sweet jellies coming through on the nose. On tasting the real pilsner...
Whiplash & Finback

Pils 12

Double decocted czech style pilsner beer.
HopTop Brewery


Our latest incarnation of our favorite single hopped pilsner. Expect a classic crisp refreshing pilsner profile with fresh floral hay notes.   X033
Full Circle Brew