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Hi, Are You Safe?

A hazy IPA brewed in support of Ukraine in collaboration with Underwood & PZDK Brew.Hopped with Amarillo, Idaho 7, El Dorado and Mosaic Cryo. All revenue will go directly to Folkekirkens...
To Øl & Underwood & PZDK Brew

Whirl Domination

Whirl Domination is the first IPA to be brewed in our shiny new brewhouse in Svinninge, so naturally, we were curious as to what our new baby could do! We...
To Øl

City Session

Session IPA|440ml|4.5%
A crisp and sessionable New England style thirst quencher for the hop-heads. Named after the dream of our To Øl City, the industrial rhythm of progress pulsating beneath our feet...
To Øl

House Of Pale

Pale Ale|440ml|5.5%
House Of Pale is one of the recipes we’ve taken from our beloved mad laboratory in Copenhagen, BRUS. A New England Pale ale with Equanot hops. It’s seen many changes and...
To Øl


Alcohol Free|330ml|0.3%
Enjoy this delicious non-alcoholic beer with all its complexity, crispness & flavor while keeping a level head! It is light and chuggable, with nice peachy notes from the yeast. Slightly...
To Øl


Gluten Free|330ml|4.5%
“Snuble” means “stumble” “Juice” means “highly aromatic irresistible refreshing liquid”. We’ve fallen head over heels for this beer. We know you will too. An India Pale Ale Dry Hopped with...
To Øl

A Little Goes A Long Way

Micro IPA|440ml|3.5%
The quest is simple: How much taste can we get in a beer at 3.5%? It should be fresh and well-hopped, it's all about nailing the water profile and non-specialty malts. This...
To Øl

45 Days Organic Pilsner

You don’t rush a good Pilsner. Letting it ferment & mature slowly means crisp, delicate flavours. That’s why we take 45 days to make ours.
To Øl

45 Days Of Darkness

Triple Bock|330ml|10%
We’re far away from the sun once again. Darkness has swept over the skies. We’re embracing it with open arms: brewing a triple bock with robust malt flavors, fermented and...
To Øl

45 Dias Mexican

A spectacular lager that's lighter than Zeus' lightning bolt. This is no doubt a top contender for the most chuggable, refreshing summer lager to date. Crisp malts shine through, and...
To Øl

Low Motion Red

Alcohol Free|375ml|0.3%
Non Alcoholic Sour beer brewed with Blackcurrant, Red Grapes, Lime Peel
To Øl

Jule M%&?!&k

Imperial Stout|375ml|14.5%
X-mas is here and Santa has brought some of his evil black X-mas milk. Watch out for this vicious puppy. A supertanker imperial milk stout aged in Bourbon barrels.
€10.99 €14.25
To Øl


Explosively aromatic, fresh & fruity. The mother of all DIPAs dry-hopped to the brim with Cascade, Citra and Simcoe perfectly balanced by pilsner malts, wheat and flaked oats.
To Øl

#07 DIPA

Citra, Mosaic & Strata working its magic in our seventh version of our DIPA series. Expect tropical fruits & thick haze, as well as a dash of heavenly choral singing...
To Øl

First Frontier 2.0

The very first To Øl beer ever brewed has now been revisited, and is coursing through the chromatic veins of the To Øl City brewhouse! We haven’t messed with it...
To Øl

Black Malts & Body Salts

Black IPA|330ml|9.9%
Black Malts & Body Salts, brewed in our To Øl City. Imperial black IPA brewed with coffee from our dear friends at Koppi, at a whopping 9.9%
To Øl

Cloud 9 Wit 2.0

A revisit to our beloved To Øl Classic now new and improved and ready for the taking. The classic version was brewed with mango, but this time our brewers have...
To Øl


Berliner Weisse|440ml|4%
RASPMATAZZ is our new beautifully balanced fruited berlinerweisse with raspberry, blood orange, and hibiscus. Neither intensely sour nor intensely sweet. Sessionable. Balanced.
To Øl


Nitro Red|500ml|5%
A special collaboration between our brewpub BRUS and To Øl City. A luscious red ale, brought to new lofty heights by the addition of nitro. Think rich malts with a...
To Øl


Bière de Coupage|750ml|6.7%
This beer was made using a five-grain grist, fermented with our house mixed culture, and aged in one of our red wine Foeders for 6 months. It was then blended...
To Øl Natur

Blueprints Of The Sun

Wild Ale|750ml|6.4%
A blend of 10 barrels aged between 3 and 18 months. Brewed with raw wheat, malted barley and Saaz hops. A spectrum of character from our oldest yet most simple...
To Øl Natur