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DDH IPA|440ml|6.3%
Octopint is a hazy looking IPA with a double ration of dry hopping from two American hops. The Octopint has traveled the oceans to harvest new Mckenzie hops in Oregon...

Dream Twice

DDH DIPA|440ml|8%
This double IPA with a 'hazy' look is inspired by the world of dreams. Many times dreams are even more delicious than reality. Enjoy the full potential of the different...

Plot Twins

We are very happy to collaborate with the Twins, two sisters who help promote beer culture from their premises in Tarragona. We chose a NEIPA, a style we both really...
Espiga & Twins

Wandering Souls

English Bitter|440ml|4.5%
We really wanted to collaborate with La Craft de Vilanova! The shared tastes for classic beer have led us to produce this easy and tireless sipping Best Bitter, perfect to...
Espiga & La Craft

Citrus Base

DDH Pale|440ml|5.5%
A Double Dry Hopped IPA iconic for its hazy appearance and yellowish colour. It exhibits citrus and tropical aromas thanks to the double dry-hopping of the cryo hops Citra and...