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#1 Irish Summer I

Extra Pale Ale|440ml|4.8%
Post Card Brewing

#2 Irish Summer II

Black IPA|440ml|6.8%
Post Card Brewing

#27 Munich Helles

Munich Helles|440ml|5.3%
This Munich style Helles Lager holds back on hops and bitterness to allow the sweet and full bready flavours of malt take centre stage. Nonetheless there is a noticeable hop...

#28 Double Rye IPA

Rye DIPA|440ml|8.5%
This big DIPA is brewed with the addition of rye which gives the malt bill a certain spiciness. Standing opposite the rye is a mountain of Centennial, the classic American...

#3 Fruitopia (Raspberry, Cherry, Blueberry, Mango)

Smoothie Sour|440ml|6%
Raspberry, Cherry, Blueberry & Mango Smoothie Sour

#4 Fruitopia (Mango, Passionfruit, Guava)

Smoothie Sour|440ml|6%
Mango, Passionfruit & Guava Hyper Smoothie Sour


Explosively aromatic, fresh & fruity. The mother of all DIPAs dry-hopped to the brim with Cascade, Citra and Simcoe perfectly balanced by pilsner malts, wheat and flaked oats.
To Øl

#GoT: Caraxes (House Of The Dragon)

Alcohol Free|440ml|0.3%
Quench your flames in this delicious non-alc beer with dragonfruit. Caraxes is based on House Mikkeller’s fresh, cider-like base beer that’s named Limbo, which has seen multiple fruit infusions over...

#GoT: Syrax (House Of The Dragon)

Session IPA|440ml|3.5%
For this light, bright, and high-flying session IPA, Mikkeller has used Styrian Dragon hops. This imparts some earthy, spicy notes and particularly a grapefruit-like citrus balance atop a light foundation...

'Think And Wonder, Wonder And Think'

BA Table Beer|330ml|3.8%
A super light zingy refreshing Brett 'Table Beer'.Aged in Sauternes French oak barrels for 10 months.
€2.35 €4.75
Dot Brew

11 Pounders

DDH IPA|473ml|5.8%
Big things come in small mylar packages. This regular IPA version of Mylar Bags is still stuffed with enormous amounts of Citra, Mosaic, Galaxy, El Dorado and Amarillo.   Citra,...
Other Half

15th Anniversary Ale

Barrel Aged Ale|355ml|15%
Our goal is sophisticated complexity and intense satisfaction! Fermented with both Belgian and British ale yeasts for the perfect blend of spicy and fruity, and brewed with German and Czech...
Hoppin' Frog

2.05 Reimagine Patron Series // Nomad Clan

Tropical IPA|440ml|7.4%
Get ready for a lip-smackingly tropical IPA. Our re-imagined Lost Highway, first brewed with our friends at Seven Island Brewery in 2018. Bursting with tangerine, pineapple, mango and melon this...
Northern Monk & Seven Islands

20 Watt Moon

A Strata-packed IPA backed up with a hefty dose of Citra! Dank pine needles on the nose, alongside clean grapefruit and tropical fruit flavours.   Citra & Strata

24.06 Tom J Newell // Let It Flow

Imperial Stout|440ml|11%
An imperial stout fronted with flavours flowing directly from the holiest of hops for a meandering menagerie of malted music making, moving slow and easy through honey, cherry, chocolate, and...
Northern Monk & To Øl & Third Moon

3 Bean Stout

Imperial Stout|330ml|12%
Tonka, Vanilla and Cocoa beans all do their part in making this a truly complex and unique stout while delivering the dark quality you’ve come to expect from Lervig. Plant...

35.01 Risotto Studios // Knock Out

Session IPA|440ml|4.8%
First in a new series showcasing punchy session-strength beers, we've worked with two of our favourite UK brewers to put together this US and Aussie hopped IPA which is full...
Northern Monk & Polly's & Pentrich Brewing

4 Giants

Imperial IPA|473ml|9.2%
Summon the Giants! You possess in your hand the power to unite the four titans and unleash the gargantuan flavor and aggressive, high ABV of 4 Giants IPA. Boasting an...

40 Watt Moon

One of our favourite IPAs juiced-up to DIPA proportions! Strata-packed with a hefty dose of Citra, expect dank pine needles on the nose, alongside clean grapefruit and tropical fruit flavours....

45 Days Organic Pilsner

You don’t rush a good Pilsner. Letting it ferment & mature slowly means crisp, delicate flavours. That’s why we take 45 days to make ours.
To Øl

6 Months Behind Schedule

Imperial Stout|330ml|9%
Thick imperial stout with chocolate body.
Sofia Electric Brewing

A Golden Moment In Time

Flanders Oud Bruin|500ml|6%
Tennessee Old Briun. In a series of Wild, Sour and Foraged Farmhouse Ales.
Von Seitz TheoreticAles

A Little Goes A Long Way

Micro IPA|440ml|3.5%
The quest is simple: How much taste can we get in a beer at 3.5%? It should be fresh and well-hopped, it's all about nailing the water profile and non-specialty malts. This...
To Øl

A Moment In Time

Flanders Oud Bruin|500ml|6%
Aged in cabernet sav barrels , with Tn yeast and brett L ,. Red wine and red fruit flavors.
Von Seitz TheoreticAles

All Day IPA

Session IPA|355ml|4.7%
Satisfies your tastes while keeping your senses sharp. Brewed with a complex array of ingredients. Balanced for optimal aromatics and a clean finish.


Bright fresh lemon peel, tangerine, white wine, limes, white pepper and a hint of clove dominate the initial aroma while the body and flavour is airy, silky, fluffy, gently sweet...


Pale Ale|330ml|4.8%
Unlike many pales, Althea is low on bitterness, yet massively hoppy on the aroma. Named after one of our head brewer’s favourite Grateful Dead songs; Althea is a beer that...
Galway Bay


A New England DIPA. Malted & Flaked Oats, soft pillowy sweet. A full-on fruity with a double dry hop of Idaho-7 & Centennial. 
Dot Brew

Amarillo x Centennial x Simcoe

West Coast DIPA|440ml|8%

Amazing Haze

A juicy New England style IPA full of mango peach and passionfruit flavours. Pours hazy with a beautifully soft mouthfeel for amazing drinkability.


Pale Ale|440ml|5%
Ambush Pale Ale pours a hazy light straw colour with a soft pillowy white head, aromas of pineapple, mango and candied lemon come bursting out of the glass. Taste is...
Trouble Brewing

American IPA

Browar Stu Mostów

Amnesia Haze

Juicy, crunchy and tropical.   Citra, Mosaic & El Dorado

And Dance The Blues

Double Dry Hopped Double IPA with HBC630 & Citra.
Third Barrel

Apocalypse Coffee

Imperial Stout|330ml|12%
Imperial Latte Stout with a huge amount of La Claudina columbian light roast coffee.
HopTop Brewery

Apple Crush

Apple Crush from Falling Apple (5% ABV) is a well-rounded cider made from 100% Irish apples. Several apple varieties are used in its making, including desert apples which impart a soft...
€1.35 €2.65
Falling Apple