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Helles Lager|500ml|4.5%
Sunny, bright yellow colour and a sparkling white foam promise a smooth and refreshing beer enjoyment. The honest pale ale with its fresh aroma of 100% aroma hops, slender body...

Róc Helles

Helles Lager|440|4.5%
Subtle spicy, floral hops, combined with restrained bitterness, keep the balance malty, but not sweet. The result is a super refreshing, everyday lager, with character.
The White Hag

Slow Lives

Helles Lager|440ml|5%
Galway Bay

Dockers Umbrella

Helles Lager|440ml|4.5%
Helles Lager brewed with all German ingredients.
Azvex Brewing

It's Complicated

Export Helles|440ml|6%
A brew as intricate and intriguing as its name suggests!  Picture this: a sensory adventure beginning with the comforting scent of freshly baked bread, delicate florals, and the subtle hint...
Galway Hooker

Bright & Crisp (Barefoot In Morning Dew)

Barefoot in the morning dew.
Modest Beer