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Icelandic Toasted Porter

Aromatic coffee from Kaffibrennsla Akureyrar subtly bands together with toasted malt undertones in our Baltic Porter. While dark in color, this classical version of a lagered porter has a medium mouthfeel and...


Rich in traditional dark roasted malt flavours laced with an exotic streak of coconut.

Dark Arts

Bursting with coffee, chocolate and caramel flavours as a result of the complex malt profile. The hops complement the malt flavours for a beer that is smooth and well-balanced.
Trouble Brewing

Night's Watch

Baltic Porter|440ml|10%
A Baltic porter perfect for cooler months.Night's Watch is brewed with seven malts, giving it a luscious, full body. Has pronounced aromas of roasted coffee, dark chocolate and hints of...
€3.49 €4.75
BRÚ Brewery

Dream #5

Baltic Porter|440ml|9.5%
Employing processes and ingredients that we’ve not used before with the aim of expanding our range of dark beers for the colder months, Dream #5 is our first Baltic Porter.
€4.99 €5.99
Fuerst Wiacek

BA Imperial Porter (2020)

Imperial Porter|500ml|11.5%
A super-charged version of our Imperial Porter. Aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels for over a year, this new beer delivers a smooth combination of rich chocolate flavours from our Imperial...
Collective Arts

The Sup

Our new Porter is one that's been on our to-brew list for a long time and now it's finally made it out there. CaraBohemian is the star of the show...

Stormy Port

This Rich and Complex beer boasts its roasted coffee notes and hides certain sweetness and chocolate flavours in the background.
Galway Bay


Torrent is a silky smooth, full bodied, all-malt porter. Made with pale, roast and caramel malts, you can expect some chocolate, coffee and dried fruit with a little spiciness from...

Heart Of Chambers

Double Porter|440ml|7.1%
In collaboration with 3FE Coffee.Heart of Chambers is a Double Coffee & Oatmeal Porter brewed using all the bells and whistles our equipment can deliver to take viscosity and texture...


Baltic Porter|500ml|9.3%
Black night sky, cold sea air, Baltic sea coast. It is getting dark early in the evening and an icy wind is blowing outside. A small cozy room lit by...

Ping Pong Pandamonium

Pours jet-black-velvet in the glass with a cappuccino-tan head. Notes of semi-sweet cocoa, fresh coffee, light caramel, and black bread. Silky smooth mouthfeel and balanced finish. Like hugging a panda.

Umibozu (2022)

Baltic Porter|330ml|11%
Imperial Rye Baltic Porter infused with Canadian maple syrup and Brasil Cerrado Patrocinio coffee roasted by HAYB. 30 Blg.
Funky Fluid

Retro Series: Lil' B

Imperial Porter|473ml|11.5%
Evil Twin