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IPA IPA (vol. 3)

Back by popular demand and batch vol. III exclusive to us here at Craft Central!  You guessed it: it's an IPA.A grain bill made up of Irish grown & malted...
€2.65 €3.25
Dot Brew

Portrait Of Perfection

Our collab vol.2 with Hopfully crew! Super refreshing summer sour packed with Blueberries, Blackberries & Raspberries.  Awarded with a gold medal for Ireland on World Beer Awards this year!
€2.65 €3.15
CraftCentral.ie & Hopfully

Amnesia Haze

Juicy, crunchy and tropical.   Citra, Mosaic & El Dorado
€3.49 €5.75

Cool Beans

Imperial Stout|440ml|11.5%
Four Bean Imperial Pastry Stout
€5.35 €8.35

Mango, Chocolate Creamsicle

Imperial Stout|330ml|10.5%
€4.49 €6.35

Pina Colada Creamsicle

Imperial Stout|330ml|10.5%
€4.49 €6.35

Improvised Morals

Smoothie Berliner|330ml|4.9%
Smoothie Style Berliner Weisse w/ Mango, Ginger, Yuzu, Curcuma & Coriander Seeds
€3.49 €4.35
Mad Scientist

Can't Tell Me Nothing

TDH IPA|473ml|7.8%
OG collaboration with the Monsters from Middletown! This India Pale Ale is Triple Dry Hopped with Eukanot, Citra, Cascade & Amarillo... We've even up the hop ratios on this one...
€6.99 €9.35
Barrier & Equilibrium

Ritual Colors

Double NEIPA|473ml|8%
Hidden wisdom to deny the profane! Induction of the colors of the art, evocation of the wisdom of forgotten self. Pry open your mind. Pry with the colors and the...
€4.99 €9.99
Foreign Objects

Set Ablaze The Secrets We Conceal

West Coast IPA|440ml|6%
A West Coast-style IPA that is dry-hopped with Comet BBC, BRU-1 and the experimental HBC 522.
€4.99 €6.99

Passionfruit Creamsicle

Imperial Stout|330ml|10.5%
Passion Fruit Creamsicle Imperial Pastry Stout.
€4.49 €6.35

Daddy Warbucks

Double India Pale Ale Orginally inspired by the legendary One Mile House in NYC (who we miss greatly) ... Many moons ago they asked if we would brew them an...
€6.99 €9.35

Kyiv Lager

Helles Lager|330ml|5%
Classic light beer. Helles Munich-style lager, golden, clear, malty, with a slight bitterness.
€3.49 €5.35

Hazelnut Mochachino Sundae

Imperial Stout|330ml|10.5%
Dessert In A Can: Hazelnut Mochachino Sundae 
€4.49 €6.35

Big Haze Energy

BIG HAZE ENERGY smooth 10% loaded with the best. Citra Galaxy strata el Dorado Azacca !!
€5.49 €9.75
Local Craft Beer

Lemon Meringue

Fruited Sour Ale w/ Lemon & Marshmallow
€4.99 €7.35
Evil Twin


DDH IPA|473ml|7.8%
DDH India Pale Ale   Citra & Sabro
€6.49 €11.49
Saint Errant & Transient Artisan Ales

Beach Zombie

Kettle sour with pilsner malt, flaked wheat, strawberry and guava.
€4.49 €8.99

Tropicana Punch

Triple dry-hopped using Cryo hops. Result is a bitter and at the same time juicy brew with a bright aroma of tropical fruits both in smell and taste. It's a...
€4.75 €6.49

Our Sour #7: Rosada Limon

This colorful beauty is our version of a an adult Pink / Raspberry Lemonade... The look, the flavor, the feel.... Oh yea! Here's to never giving up on a good...
€4.99 €8.99


Fruited Kettle Sour with passion fruit, orange, guava, allspice, nutmeg and orange peel.
€4.99 €7.35

Mosaic + Galaxy

Imperial IPA|473ml|8.5%
Mosaic + Galaxy is next in our dual hop series Imperial IPAs. Hard to believe we haven’t done this one yet since it is two of our favorite hops.  ...
€7.99 €12.99
Other Half


IPA dry-hopped with Strata, Azacca and Simcoe.
€4.99 €7.49


MC² is Photon’s big brother. We literally took Photon’s hopping rate and squared it. This DIPA is our tribute to the amazing relationship that energy and mass are balanced, proportional...
€6.49 €10.99

The Anti-IPA Is Having A Moment

A light and easy-drinking lager with subtle accents of smoke.
€4.75 €8.35
Evil Twin

Thicc Hydra

Smoothie Sour|473ml|7%
This Fruited Sour was brewed in collaboration with Claim 52 Brewing. It blends raspberry, peach, blackberry, banana, maple, and Mostra Ethiopian Sidama coffee together to form just one of this...
€6.99 €12.75
Mortalis & Claim 52

Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

Imperial Stout|330ml|10.5%
Dessert In A Can: Pineapple Upsidedown Cake
€4.49 €6.35

Meet Me At The BBQ

West Coast IPA|473ml|6.9%
5 Star branches out into beer with this west coast beauty loaded with El Dorado, Citra, and Strata.
€4.99 €8.75
5 Star

Mongrel Mind

Hazy triple IPA.   Citra, Nelson Sauvin & Motueka
€6.99 €12.49
Saint Errant

Dark Humor Club: Winter Special

Imperial Stout|330ml|10%
The notorious Dark Humor Club is being reborn in a new era! We aged our classic, roasty and chocolatey DHC in oak to add a touch of woodiness and subtle...
€4.75 €6.49
Sori Brewing

Calabaza Blanca

Farmhouse Wit|473ml|4.8%
Calabaza Blanca is a low-calorie farmhouse white ale brewed in Belgium's bière blanche tradition. Spiced with orange peel and coriander, you'll find it refreshingly tart, with a wonderfully dry finish....
€3.99 €5.99
Jolly Pumpkin

Super Yuzu

Sour Gose|473ml|5%
Gose-style sour w/ yuzu and sea salt
€5.99 €8.99

Oro De Calabaza

Belgian Strong|473ml|8%
Brewed in the Franco-Belgian tradition of strong golden ales. Spicy and peppery with a gentle hop bouquet and the beguiling influence of wild yeast.
€4.49 €6.99
Jolly Pumpkin

Retro Series: Monk Suffers Serious Sugar Rush On Barbados

Belgian Dark|473ml|8%
€5.99 €8.99
Evil Twin


Collaboration with Gamma Brewing Co. Haaaze is a juicy, hazy and heavy hitting Double IPA, coming in at an extravagant 9,0% ABV. Generously dry hopped with Idaho 7 and experimental...
€3.75 €5.35
Beerbliotek & Gamma

11 Pounders

DDH IPA|473ml|5.8%
Big things come in small mylar packages. This regular IPA version of Mylar Bags is still stuffed with enormous amounts of Citra, Mosaic, Galaxy, El Dorado and Amarillo.   Citra,...
€7.49 €11.35
Other Half