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Quiet Crowd

Brown Ale|330ml|5%
Intense malt driven aroma that embraces all things caramelised and toasted with coffee aromas being the main star. Heavy use of caramel and aromatic malts provide a deep malt flavour...

#11 Clancy's Cans: Maple & Pecan Brown Ale

Brown Ale|440ml|7.5%
Dark Chocolate and burnt tofee meets smooth nutty sweetness.
Down for a brown?

Big Calm

Brown Ale|440ml|6%
We wanted to brew a brown ale that showcased the flavours of chocolate and caramel malts at their best. The result is BIG CALM. A smooth medium bodied brown ale...

Mac Nutty

Brown Ale|440ml|5.5%
Things were getting a bit squirrely over here; it must be the trays upon trays of macadamia nuts we hand-roasted for this beer. Some would say we’ve gone nuts –...
Lough Gill