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Barrel Aged Turn-around

Barrel Aged Mead|330ml|8.2%
A Belgian pale ale and barrel aged honey / mead based beer aged in rivesaltes for two years. Wild flower honey fully fermented. A complex beer with wild flower and...
Dot Brew

Pointy Shoes (2023)

BA Imperial Stout|440ml|12%
Introducing Endangered Species no. 40, Pointy Shoes 2023. First released in 2019 to mark our 5th Birthday. Pointy Shoes 2023, a Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, aged in Bourbon barrels...
Wicklow Wolf
BARREL AGED - Barrels, Time, Love, Patience = Magic.

Bartender Never Gets Killed (Barrel Pig)

Kentucky bourbon barrel aged multigrain barley wine.

RudeBoy (Barrel Pig)

BA Milk Stout|330ml|11.5%
Kentucky bourbon barrell aged milk imperial stout.

Sex On The Barrel (Barrel Pig)

BA Milk Stout|330ml|11.6%
Barbados rum barrel aged milk imperial stout.

Mental Trainer (Barrel Pig)

BA Milk Stout|330ml|11.8%
Kentucky Bourbon barrel aged milk imperial stout.

Miss Fiji (Barrel Pig)

BA Milk Stout|330ml|12.1%
Fiji rum barrel aged milk Imperial Stout.

Fear Of The Dark I. (Barrel Pig)

BA Milk Stout|330ml|11.5%
Heavy weight milk imperial stout aged in kentucky bourbon maple syrup oak barrel for a year.

Fear Of The Dark II. (Barrel Pig)

BA Milk Stout|330ml|12.2%
Double barrel aged milk imperial stout, aged for months in JD Kentucky Bourbon barrel, and more than half year at kentucky bourbon maple syrup barrel.

Liquid Cinderella (Barrel Pig)

Imperial Stout|330ml|11.9%
Islay barrel blend Russian Imperial Stout.

Canadian Lover (Barrel Pig)

Barley Wine|330ml|12.5%
Kentucky bourbon - maple syrup barrel aged multigrain barley wine with rye, oat, wheat and barley.
Cantastic Fridge Views

Spritz This!

BA Sparkling Grape Ale|355ml|7.2%
Barrel-aged sparkling ale with Syrah grapesSpritz This! is a spritzy sparkling blonde ale aged in oak barrels with locally-sourced Syrah from the Temecula region. Crisp, effervescent, and easily enjoyable, this...
The Bruery

Catch Me If You Can

Imperial Stout|473ml|10.3%
Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with molasses, ginger, graham cracker, and spicesRun, run, run, as fast as you can… it’s gingerbread season, and we’re feeling festive! What better way to celebrate...
The Bruery

Where Is The Lava?

BA Sour Imperial Stout|473ml|16.2%
Bourbon barrel-aged sour imperial stout with cherry, cacao nibs, cocoa powder, and Madagascar vanilla beansCrack into this treat, and you’ll get oozing molten cherry chocolate lava cake— Terreux style. This...
The Bruery

So Happens It's Tuesday

BA Imperial Stout|473ml|15.3%
Our signature Black Tuesday imperial stout is named in remembrance of the great stock market crash of 1929. So Happens It's Tuesday is a similarly bold yet slightly less aggressive...
The Bruery

The Wanderer

BA Sour Ale|375ml|8.3%
The Wanderer is a GABF silver medal-winning blend we originally concocted with our platypus loving friends in NorCal, featuring a wine barrel-aged sour ale with blackberries and cherries. We then...
The Bruery

Black & Blue & Red All Over BBLS

Sour & Imperial Stouts Blend|375ml|14.6%
Blend of Imperial and Sour Stouts Aged in Bourbon Barrels with Blackberries, Blueberries, Cherries and Vanilla.
The Bruery

Marzipandemonium (2017)

BA Imperial Stout|750ml|16.7%
Some people sculpt marzipan into flowers and animal shapes. We went nuts and recreated it as a beer. This limited release brings the party to your palate, showcasing the flavors...
The Bruery

Mash PB&J

BA Barleywine|750ml|10.4%
Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine Style Ale w/ Boysenberry, Peanuts, and Salt.We’re always inspired, and this is case, we were inspired by the familiar flavors of childhood lunch. Mash PB&J takes our...
The Bruery

BBA French Toast Devil Dog

Oatmeal Stout|355ml|10.5%
Bourbon barrel. Breakfast. Beer. The Big, bold character of Devil Dog Oatmeal Stout served with generous notes of Maple, Vanilla and Cinnamon. Aged in once-used Bourbon Barrels.

Never Ending Trails

BA Belgian Quadruple|500ml|11.5%
MAD SCIENTIST BARREL PROJECT Team Series BalázsRye Bourbon Barrel-Aged Quadruple With Roasted Nuts And Dried ApricotCELLAR MASTER NOTESYou are now holding a precious, secret potion in your hand, the kind...
Mad Scientist

Gods Of Joy

BA Belgian Quadruple|500ml |11.5%
MAD SCIENTIST BARREL PROJECTDouble BA Quadruple Aged In Bourbon And Tokaji Aszú Sweet Wine BarrelsCELLAR MASTER NOTESQueen of beers, king of wines, divine vibesThe clash of two very different barrels...
Mad Scientist


BA Imperial Pastry Stout|500ml|10.7%
MAD SCIENTIST BARREL PROJECTJamaican And Cuban Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Pastry Stout With Plum, Apple, Walnut And Poppy SeedsCELLAR MASTER NOTESAs we roll further down the road to total madness...
Mad Scientist

HannaHannaH SWAP #2

BA Imperial Stout|750ml|11.5%
An oak aged imperial stout with real Madagascan vanilla. It is thick, creamy and sweet with mellow notes of vanilla and spice, balanced by big notes of dark chocolate and...
Cantastic World


BA Sour|355ml|6.9%
Friek is an evolution, an imaginative amalgamation invented by our brewers. Multiple kriek Lambic style ales are fermented with wild yeast and tart cherries and then moved into oak barrels...

Trip In The Woods (Wooden Gift Box)

Barrel Aged|2x750ml|Wooden Box
Beautifully crafted wooden box hiding a treasure of the two renowned Trip In The Woods releases!  What's in the box: 1x Rum Barrel-Aged Quad (2018) 750ml Bottle 1x Visions of...
Sierra Nevada

Ovila Abbey Ale (Trip In The Woods)

BA Abbey Ale|750ml|11.4%
Silky smooth and full of flavor, this beer is a blend of our Barrel-Aged Ovila Abbey Dubbel and Barrel-Aged Ovila Abbey Brown Ale with Mandarins and Cocoa. With a deep...
Sierra Nevada

Rum Barrel-Aged Quad (Trip In The Woods)

BA Quad|750ml|11.7%
The classic quad in rum barrels is a nod to the great Trappist brewers of Belgium. Deep ruby-brown in color, the beer is rixh and full-bodied with the style's familiar...
Sierra Nevada

Champ De Fraise (2020)

Wild Ale|375ml|5.3%
We searched high and low for the perfect strawberry to add to our wild ale.  We were not satisfied with the fruit aroma and flavor until we discovered a unique...
Firestone Walker

Ticket To Anywhere (2020)

Flanders Red|375ml|6.5%
Wine Barrel Aged Flanders Red Ale with Sour Cherries
Mad X

Fiáin Honey Ale

Wild Ale|375ml|6.5%
Fiáin Honey Ale is a transatlantic celebration of shard values and beliefs commemorating a bond between two breweries marking 35 years at the forefront of our respective countries' brewing scenes....
Firestone Walker & O'Hara's


Bière de Coupage|750ml|6.7%
This beer was made using a five-grain grist, fermented with our house mixed culture, and aged in one of our red wine Foeders for 6 months. It was then blended...
To Øl Natur

Blueprints Of The Sun

Wild Ale|750ml|6.4%
A blend of 10 barrels aged between 3 and 18 months. Brewed with raw wheat, malted barley and Saaz hops. A spectrum of character from our oldest yet most simple...
To Øl Natur