Festival Box

Happy Days!

  • Size 16 Cans
  • Style World Selection
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    BOX €97.60 + DRSI €2.40

Box of cans. Happy Days! 

And HAPPY DAYS indeed. If you can't make it to the Inchicore's BEST craft beer event this year - fear no longer.

We are bringing the cans straight to your door and you can join the beer craic with the rest of us. Taste the beers from the breweries attending! 

What's in the box? 16 cans:

1x RASCALS Happy Days || 1x RASCALS Strawberry Vanilla Shake || 1x HOPE BEER Summer Seasonal 2024 || 1x HOPE BEER Brewers Edition DIPA || 1x BULLHOUSE Brick || 1x BULLHOUSE Frank The Tank || 1x O BROTHER Oversharing & Undercaring || 1x EIGHT DEGREES De Ja Vu || 1x MAD SCIENTIST Mean Riff || 1x MAD SCIENTIST Double Svart || 1x KCBC Superhero Sidekicks || 1x KCBC Marble Of Doom III. || 1x FINBACK Grapefruit Crush || 1x FINBACK Sorta Queens || 1x RETURN Come Back || 1x RETURN Lump

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