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Tiborg Deluxe (Ethiopian Style)

Coffee Stout|330ml|7.8%
UGAR BREWERY = NOT JUST BEER! Ethiopian-style Coffe Stout. Tiborg has everything you need for a successful day. A good dose of light roasted Ethiopian coffee from the Roastopus workshop and...
Ugar Brewery

Trippy Little Summer Dream

Cold IPA|500ml|4.9%
UGAR BREWERY = NOT JUST BEER! Dear Stranger!  Let us guide you to a lucid, warm and citrussy summer dream. Please make sure that you are sitting comfortably and take...
Ugar Brewery

New Year, New Me!

UGAR BREWERY = NOT JUST BEER! Here we go again. We promise to keep the same new year's resolutions which we promised 365 days ago. But now we really keep...
Ugar Brewery

Gray Matter

West Coast IPA|330ml|7.2%
UGAR BREWERY = NOT JUST BEER! The members of our Puszta Teatime thematic series were seasoned with high-quality teas in order to further increase the complexity of the beers. It can...
Ugar Brewery

Trailer #018

In the land of UGAR Brewery, where the Trailer rivers flow,A brewer's art, a tale to bestow.Number #18 a crafty concoction, a hoppy delight,A symphony of flavors, a beer lover's...
Ugar Brewery


UGAR BREWERY = NOT JUST BEER! The Ugar Puszta Superheroes series is a bottled memory of the characteristic figures of rural life who are present in all small settlements, defining...
Ugar Brewery