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Secret Handshake 2.0

  • Size 440ml
  • ABV 6.6%
  • Style NEIPA
  • Country of Origins Ireland
  • Canning Date BB 09/05/2025
  • Deposit Fee YES (included in total)
    BEER €3.75 + DRSI €0.15

That's right - we did it again. Our Secret Handshake series is fun, and we like drinking some fun beers! We got in touch with the Hop magicians Loughran Brewing Stores, who were able to put the forces together and supply us with some amazing hops. They managed to get us a lovely New Zealand PACIFIC SUNRISE from Hop Revolution and famous STRATA CGX from Indie Hops. CGX (Cryogenic Lupulin pellets) hops are getting popular these days, and rightly so. Not only they boost the intensity in aroma and flavour, but work really well for the breweries to reduce the waste, get a bigger yield, reduce hop creep and allow the brewers to go for aggressively hopped beers without losing too much of it in the end!

The result? Tropical juice in the glass. Bursting with aromas and flavours of grapefruit, mango, peach, pineapple, adding a dank and resinous character from Strata CGX, with some berry hints and a little refreshing lemon flavour in the background too. It's not sticky sweet, and we think this might be your favourite summer drink!

Pacific Sunrise & Strata CGX

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