Sierra Nevada

Citrus Hop Splash Zero

  • Size 355ml
  • ABV 0%
  • Style Hop Water
  • Country of Origins USA
  • Canning Date BB 28/11/2024
  • Deposit Fee YES || €0.15 (included)

Take the fruity notes of Mosaic® and Simcoe hops, add a perfect splash of real blood orange and grapefruit juice, and you’ve got a match for maximum flavor. Reach for Hop Splash Citrus, your all-day hop refreshment.

  • Carbon-Filtered Water: Hop Splash starts with the same water we use for brewing beer. It’s carbon-filtered to ensure the highest-quality H₂O out of the gate.
  • Real Hops, Real Juice: We pair up real  Mosaic® and Simcoe hops with real blood orange and grapefruit juice for an all-day, IPA-inspired flavor party.
  • Sustainable CO2: We capture, clean, and reuse carbon dioxide from beer fermentation to carbonate Hop Splash, keeping CO2 out of the atmosphere and closing the loop.

Mosaic & Simcoe

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