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It ain't easy!

Here we are now…All the lads. Enjoying the occasional sunshine and thinking about how to bring a little bit of excitement to our lives, and in our glasses.

*Creative as they are – we’ve teamed up with Hopfully Brewing crew. It was a match made in heaven, and all our brainstorming sessions were packed with ideas, laughter, and enthusiasm for our (what we like to call) #craftfully collab.

The Journey

It's about the right combo and great balance

We knew what we wanted to brew together, and after many discussions we agreed to bring out 2 collabs (yeah!) in the coming weeks, as we couldn’t choose between the two styles that Hopfully team really shines and excels at. Let’s start with the first one today. Inspired by the flavourful Headlights that appeared in our fridges at the end of last year. There is something really sexy & elegant about Nelson Sauvin hop so we did not hesitate and comfortably said: ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’

The Idea

Word for word, a couple of days later we had a tasty recipe ready to go, combo of the hops decided, we had the biggest task to deal with: What’s the name and who’s gonna be the artist that will translate our thoughts into an artfully piece that will decorate our beer labels? We’ve spent sleepless nights thinking about how we can present our collab, connect it to the artistic world of Hopfully’s portfolio and make sure that the whole experience of putting your hands on the final product will be a piece of art. Let us tell you this: IT AIN’T EASY!
And there it was, famous light bulb over our heads flicked the bright light, and our concept has been born.

A Tribute NEIPA

This beer is a tribute.
It’s a tribute to all artists out there, who make this world a nicer place to live in.
Because it ain't easy.
It’s a tribute to all breweries and brewers out there, because they are also artists, creating something that has soul, using the best ingredients available and bringing joyful tasting experience to us, beer heads.
Because it ain't easy.

Art for the beer. Beer is Art.

As easy as this may sound, it isn’t. Making a beer is a complex process, and we’d like to pay our respect and tribute to all artists.
Because beer is art.
Beautiful artwork has been created by Nathanaël Roman from Pipe & Pallet – a talented artist from Co. Wicklow. Cheers, Nate, for bringing our idea to life in your amazing illustration. Inspired by life, made by the artist, we salute this beer and every single one of you who will raise a glass with our tribute NEIPA.


Let's get to tasting this beauty.

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