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Champ De Fraise (2020)

Wild Ale|375ml|5.3%
We searched high and low for the perfect strawberry to add to our wild ale.  We were not satisfied with the fruit aroma and flavor until we discovered a unique...
Firestone Walker

Napa Saison (2019)

A new take on the saison, we aged Napa Saison for eight months in retired red wine barrels from Napa Valley.
Firestone Walker

Gin Rickey (2020)

Blonde Barley Wine matured in Gin Barrels for 18 months with the additions of freshly zested lime peel, mace, coriander and juniper berries. Highly carbonated to mimic the original Gin...
Firestone Walker

Fiáin Honey Ale

Wild Ale|375ml|6.5%
Fiáin Honey Ale is a transatlantic celebration of shard values and beliefs commemorating a bond between two breweries marking 35 years at the forefront of our respective countries' brewing scenes....
Firestone Walker & O'Hara's