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Brew Jersey

  Citra, Azacca, Nelson Sauvin & Mackinac
Twin Elephant

Battle Hymn

DDH Pale Ale|473ml|5.9%
Welcome to the army of the motherfuggin’ hoppy. We ride or die with our Pale Ale banner held high. She is sacred liquid for the head, mouth and soul. Blended...
Twin Elephant

Nosh: Nectaron

Spin dials, turn knobs…insert new hops into the skull. Pours down like honey. Nectaron is doing work here, we are but providers of the hazy fluffy vessel. Smells like apricot,...
Twin Elephant

Slow Flows Remarkable

DDH DIPA|473ml|8.4%
The millionaire, the mansion, the yacht…Finger lickin’ liquid. Heirloom pilsner, malted oat, flaked oat, & triticale keep the cloth and texture on the bouncy level. This is like drinking a...
Twin Elephant