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Maps And Mazes

Hazy IPA|473ml|6.7%
With this brew we experimented with a new blend of our house base malts while also combining aspects we really enjoyed in our anniversary releases. Pouring a vibrant pineapple yellow...
€6.35 €8.25
Wren House Brewing Co.

Pasture 15

Nestled in the shadow of the rockies and tucked into rolling plains of shortgrass prairie sits Pasture 15, an ecological research site one of our brewers used to call their...
€6.35 €8.25
Wren House Brewing Co.

Sandal Vandal

SANDAL VANDAL is our newest DIPA with a grain bill utilizing an array of bigger base malts which bring a full body to this beer. Lots of flaked grains and...
€7.00 €9.25
Wren House Brewing Co.